After debuting with ‘Zerø’, Valencian Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta returns with ‘El lodo’, an ambitious suspense film that makes the Albufera Natural Park in an ideal setting for a frontal collision by the environment. A “thriler and drama that have a lot of truth” and with which Raúl Arévalo and Paz Vega are ready to conquer the billboard. “It is a film also talks about the impossibility of communicating and dealing with personal matters”reveals the director. The film is available in theaters from December 10.

‘El lodo’ tells how a severe drought wreaks havoc on the vast expanses of rice fields that are close to the Albufera Natural Park. Given the seriousness of the situation, they send a prestigious environmental biologist, Ricardo (Arévalo), who arrives with his wife (Vega) and daughter. The professional will seek to protect the biodiversity of the area, clashing head-on with the interests of the residents of the area. A conflict that will escalate, especially when Ricardo discovers that the previous biologist who came to the area died under strange circumstances.

One of the surprising aspects of ‘El lodo’ is its aesthetics, giving the impression in its first moments of being a period production. “They have a seventies look that is sought by Iñaki himself [Sánchez Arrieta]. Those places, as well as the appearance of the characters, give the impression of being set in another decade “, Raúl Arévalo explains in an interview for eCartelera. “There are places in Spain that still look like this, that seem to be anchored in the past, which has its own time”, adds Paz Vega.

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Another aspect is that it is about a thriller whose conflict avoids creating two sides of good and bad, being a confrontation of “good against good”. “It is very interesting how it is raised. It would be very easy to say that environmentalists are the good guys, because it is essential to protect the planet. Now, that collides head-on with the needs of the townspeople, who have to water their orchards, otherwise , there is no sustenance. It is a struggle of interests “, argues the Sevillian actress.

La Albufera, an ideal setting for the thriller

“Not good or bad in this film, it is difficult to make a decision on a subject like the one the film deals with”adds Arevalo. “Many times, the leaders make decisions only from their offices, without knowing how the people who live in those areas earn their bread and support themselves every day. Although, on the other hand, there are also cases in which the people of the towns themselves reject any change, even if it means their survival, it is complicated “, says Arevalo.

Another aspect that stands out the most in ‘El lodo’ is its setting, the Albufera Natural Park, which shows its most beautiful, but also the most sinister side. “I have gone many times to take pictures and take a walk. It is a dream to have filmed this story here. It has been a maximum enjoyment, I have felt lucky every day that we have filmed in the Albufera. On the other handIt is a place where people take photos for their weddings but if you go a little deeper, when it gets dark, it can look very dark. That duality attracted me “, explains Sánchez Arrieta.

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Directed and written by Sánchez Arrieta, they complete the cast of ‘El lodo’ Roberto Álamo, Susi Sánchez, Joaquín Climent, Enric Juezas and Susana Merino. Produced by Sunrise Pictures and Vértice 360. Available in Spanish theaters from December 10, by the hand of Vértice Cine.

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