Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday that Fox News Channel personality Jesse Watters “should be fired on the spot” for using words like “ambush” and “fatal shot” while speaking about the infectious disease doctor at “AmericaFest” on Monday. 2021 “.

“This is horrible. That is a reflection of the insanity that happens in society,” said Dr. Fauci. “The only thing I have done in these two years is to encourage people to practice good health practices. public: get vaccinated, be careful in public settings, wear a mask, and for that, you have someone out there saying that people should be giving me a ‘fatal shot’ to ‘ambush me.’ I mean, what kind of crazy is there in society these days? It’s horrible that he said that. And he will leave, most likely, unaccountable. Whatever network he’s on, he won’t do anything to him. I mean, that’s crazy, the guy should be fired on the spot. “

“Based on watching the full clip and reading the full transcript, it is more than clear that Jesse Watters was using a metaphor to ask Dr. Fauci blunt questions about the gain-of-function research and his words have completely twisted context.” a Fox News spokesperson told TheWrap.

Watters is the host of Fox News’ “Watter’s World.”

Check out Fauci’s appearance in “New Day” below!

Readers can see the “AmericaFest 2021” moment in question via the video at the top of this post. Watters’ part begins at the 2 hour 13 minute mark and Fauci’s part begins 11 minutes later.

While the language Watters uses – words like “ambush” and “deadly shot” – is certainly inflammatory and possibly intentional, it refers to a guerrilla cell phone interview and not actual physical violence. Watters is imploring college students to ask Fauci about funding gain-of-function research in overseas labs, including in Wuhan, China.

Watters added: “You send us that footage, send it to Fox, send it to Human Events, send it to Brietbart, send it to Daily Caller, send it to the Turning Point pipeline… Get us that! That’s what we want! That changes the whole conversation in the country. I’ve authorized it, just make sure it’s legal. “

He then goes into a hypothetical “death shot” for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Learn more about the Turning Point USA event here. Charlie Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA. Other speakers at the event include Donald Trump Jr. and Tucker Carlson.


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