Every January there are two essential traditions: listing the New Year’s resolutions that you are not going to keep, and go to the nearest kiosk to get the PHOTOGRAM CALENDAR. The first film magazine in Spain would not be the same without this fabulous special edition that brings together the best photographs of classic stars ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Humphrey Bogart. They not only accompany us with their iconic films, which we have seen hundreds of times, but also with their most intimate moments in a series of images that breathe life, spontaneity and joy. With these feelings they help us, month by month, to cross out days on the calendar.

As of next December 28, this calendar will go on sale together with the January issue of PHOTOGRAMS (which is also accompanied by the January-February issue of ESQUIRE magazine; all for only 3.50 euros), so that Spanish moviegoers can start 2022 on the right foot. In this edition, we find icons such as Paul Newman, whom we see paddling in a canoe with his daughter in 1974, and also Claudia Cardinale enjoying an Italian vacation in 1961. They are joined by names as recognizable as those of Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall, Geraldine Chaplin, Richard Burton, Mia Farrow, Gary Cooper, and more. Twelve snapshots full of good vibes that remind us that, behind the stars, there were people full of life.

In order to open the mouths of the most faithful readers of FOTOGRAMAS, we reveal the first three months of the year, where we find intimate scenes between some of the most iconic marriages in film history and also some behind-the-scenes scenes on the set. There is no doubt that they are all true classics … and our calendar, too.

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Brigitte Bardot opens 2022 with this image, in which we see her waiting for the next shot of ‘À coeur joie’ (Serge Bourguignon, 1967) on the Scottish beach of Dirleton. By then, the French actress had already become a star and sex symbol after starring in films such as ‘And God Created Woman’ (Roger Vadim, 1957) and ‘Le Mépris’ (Jean-Luc Godard, 1963) .


Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti pose in a very tender and marital way for a 1968 special on the American network ABC. The story of the actress and the producer is one of the most fascinating in Italian cinema. It was Ponti who discovered Loren and put her in front of a camera when she was only 17 years old, although it was not until two years later that, according to the actress in her memoirs, they fell in love. The rest is history.


Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall living on board their yacht, the Santana, away from the Hollywood spotlight, in 1955. Speaking of iconic marriages. The friction made the affection between the Hollywood filming sets for these two stars, who married in 1945 when she was 20 years old and he 45. They starred together in films such as “To have and not to have” (Howard Hawks, 1944).

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