We review the life and career of the veteran Jane fonda, who was born on December 21, 1937. An existence marked by the weight of the surname Fonda, the political and social demands, the characters taking up arms, two Oscars and one beauty and youth that she, it is logical, has tried to preserve throughout these years, via gymnastic exercises or, faster, the scalpel.

Daughter of Henry and sister of Peter, it was logical that Jane also dedicated herself to acting. It was released in the cinema in 1960 under the orders of Joshua logan and accompanied by Anthony Perkins. Later would come works such as ‘The explosive naive’, ‘The black cat’ or ‘The human pack’, a film in which he was Robert Redford and with whom he would coincide again in ‘Barefoot in the park’, a real success in his career. With Redford he has worked up to two more occasions (‘The Electric Horseman’ and ‘Our souls at night’), creating an overwhelming chemistry on the big screen.

He has also been the protagonist in science fiction stories, such as in Barbarella under the orders of Roger vadim (with whom she was married for eight years). He was also among the cast of ‘Danzad, danzad, malditos’. In the seventies he continued his career, years in which his film ‘Julia’ stands out, in the company of Vanessa redgrave, in which both are nominated for an Oscar and Redgrave takes the Cast. In 1978 he starred in ‘The Return’, next to Jon voight Y Bruce dern.

Throughout her career, Fonda has acquired two Academy statuettes, which you loved, obtained in the 1970s: the first for ‘Klute’, along with Donald sutherland and directed by Alan J. Pakula, in 1971, and the other for ‘The return’. In total, he has achieved seven nominations in addition to many other awards: two BAFTAs, four Golden Globes, an Emmy and even an honorary Golden Lion that they gave him in 2017 with Robert Redford at the Venice film festival.

His activist character has accompanied him throughout his career: he opposed the Vietnam War, he has supported feminist causes, he has protested before the Capitol to avoid the climate crisis, etc. The other facet for which she is known is for her aerobics videos to be in shape at home.

In recent years there have been fewer occasions in which Fonda has been seen on the big screen: he appeared briefly in ‘Youth’, the film of Paolo Sorrentino 2015. Currently she has been seen on Netflix in the series ‘Grace and Frankie’, and is currently filming ‘Moving On’, in which they are also Malcolm McDowell Y Lily tomlin, her companion from the hit Netflix series.

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With Henry and Peter Fonda

Jane Fonda, born December 21, 1937, daughter of Henry fonda and Frances Seymour Brokaw. In the photo, with his father and brother, the also actor Peter fonda (‘Easy rider’).


With Henry and Peter

With Henry and Peter, a promising actor like her at the time.


Jane fonda

Young Jane Fonda and her unique photogenic, paternal heritage.


Jane fonda

Fonda, looking for her style, and exploiting an unparalleled beauty.


Jane fonda

Look changes were a constant in the beginning. In maturity, some retouching has been done on his face, although later he has denied them on countless occasions.


Jane fonda

One more image for a Fonda with the weight of being the daughter of an untouchable Hollywood myth.


‘I’ll marry you’ (Joshua Logan, 1960)

‘I’ll marry you’ (Joshua Logan, 1960), his screen debut, with Anthony Perkins.


‘The Black Cat’ (Edward Dmytryk, 1962)

In controversy ‘The Black Cat’ (Edward Dmytryk, 1962), for his treatment of prostitution and lesbianism, among other topics. With Laurence Harvey.


‘A Sunday in New York’ (Peter Tewksbury, 1963)

Rod taylor was his partner in ‘A Sunday in New York’ (Peter Tewksbury, 1963).


Jane Fonda and Alain Delon

Jane Fonda and Alain delon, more handsome, impossible, in ‘The cats’, directed by René Clément in 1964.


‘Barefoot in the park’ (Gene Saks, 1967)

A milestone in romantic comedy: ‘Barefoot in the park’ (Gene Saks, 1967), with Robert Redford.


‘The explosive naive’ (Elliot Silverstein, 1965)

Like the Cat Ballou holster in the comic western ‘The explosive naive’ (Elliot Silverstein, 1965).


‘Extraordinary stories’ (1968)

In the episode film ‘Extraordinary stories’ (1968) It was run by her first husband, Roger Vadim, whom she had married in 1965.


‘Barbarella’ (1968)

‘Barbarella’ (1968), classic science fiction camp, also made by Roger Vadim.


Actress and Roger Vadim

The actress and Roger Vadim, whom she divorced in 1973. They had a daughter, Vanessa.


‘Dance, dance, cursed’ (1969)

‘Dance, dance, cursed’, dramatic story directed by Sydney pollack in 1969. First Oscar nomination.


‘Everything is going well’ (1972)

‘Everything is going well’ (1972), foray into the experimental and iconoclastic world of Jean-Luc Godard.


against the Vietnam War

The most combative Jane Fonda, vigorously protests the Vietnam War.


with politician Tom Hayden

In 1973, Fonda married the politician Tom hayden. They divorced in 1989.


His son Troy Garity

As a result of her relationship with Tom Hayden, her son, the actor, was born Troy garity, seen in films like ‘Bandits’ or ‘Sunshine’.


‘Julia’ (Fred Zinnemann, 1977)

In ‘Julia’ (Fred Zinnemann, 1977) played writer Lillian Hellman. In the picture, with her co-star, Vanessa redgrave.


‘The Return’ (Hal Ashby, 1978)

His opposition to the Vietnam War was also embodied in ‘The Return’ (Hal Ashby, 1978), where he had as a partner Jon voight. Second Oscar of its trajectory.


‘A Wild and Free Rider Comes’ (1978)

In ‘A Wild and Free Rider Comes’ (1978), again directed by Alan J. Pakula, and with another mature couple sex symbol, James caan.


‘California Suite’ (Herbert Ross, 1978)

Still physically splendid, in ‘California Suite’ (Herbert Ross, 1978). With her, Alan Alda.


‘The China syndrome’ (James Bridges, 1979)

‘The China syndrome’ (James Bridges, 1979), an attack on nuclear power plants, accompanied by Michael Douglas Y Jack Lemmon.


‘The Electric Horseman’ (1979)

Repeating with Sydney Pollack, behind the scenes, and Robert Redford in ‘The Electric Horseman’ (1979).


‘How to Eliminate Your Boss’ (Colin Higgins, 1980)

A foray into outright comedy: ‘How to Eliminate Your Boss’ (Colin Higgins, 1980). With Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Dabney Coleman.


‘In the Golden Pond’ (Mark Rydell, 1981)

In the emotional ‘In the Golden Pond’ (Mark Rydell, 1981) was reconciled, incidentally, with his father, Henry Fonda, after years of estrangement. The actor died in 1982.


muse of aerobics

In the ’80s, Jane Fonda was a hit as muse of aerobics.


‘Agnes of God’ (1985)

In 1985, in ‘Agnes of God’, from Norman Jewison, with Meg Tilly.


‘The Morning After’ (Sidney Lumet, 1986)

‘The Morning After’ (Sidney Lumet, 1986), a thriller in which he had as a partner Jeff Bridges.


‘Letters to Iris’ (1989)

Directed by Martin Ritt in ‘Letters to Iris’ (1989), with Robert de Niro.


with tycoon Ted Turner

In 1991, Jane Fonda married for the third and last time, with the tycoon Ted turner. They divorced in 2001.


‘The mother of the groom’ (2005): return to the cinema

In 2005, after a departure from the screens lamented by his fans, he returned to the screens with ‘The groom’s mother’by Robert Luketic, along with Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan.


‘Georgia says so’ (Garry Marshall, 2007)

In another romantic comedy, ‘Georgia says so’ (Garry Marshall, 2007), with Felicity Huffman and Lindsay Lohan.



Jane Fonda at the presentation of her memoirs.


With Richard Perry

Together with his last partner, the music producer Richard Perry.


‘What if we all live together?’ (Stéphane Robelin, 2011)

With Pierre Richard in ‘What if we all live together?’ (Stéphane Robelin, 2011).


‘The butler’ (Lee Daniels, 2013)

Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda in ‘The Butler’ where Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan were brought to life.


‘There you stay’ (Shawn Levy, 2014)

A 2014 drama comedy directed by Shawn Levy about a family reunion where everyone is going through a difficult time.


‘The writing’ (2012-2014)

Jane Fonda plays the president of a TV network in the series ‘The Newsroom’, the series written by Aaron Sorkin.


‘From fathers to daughters’ (Gabriele Muccino, 2015)

The actress has a small role in this film from the director of ‘In search of happiness’.

Four. Five

‘Youth’ (Paolo Sorrentino, 2015)

In ‘Youth’, Jane Fonda plays a bizarre character.


The series ‘Grace and Frankie’ (2015-2016)

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play two women in this Netflix series whose husbands (played by Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen) come out of the closet and start a romantic relationship with each other.


‘We in the night’ (2017)

Netflix reunited her with Robert Redford in this film in what has been their fourth film together. 38 years after their last job, they star in an autumn romance that served as an excuse to give them the Golden Lion on the run and prolong the affection that the public feels for them.

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