Not all Christmas stories have to contain sugar and gifts. Also these dates are for vices, and Willie knows a lot about that, the Santa Claus who gave away Billy bob thornton 18 years ago. Terry zwigoff presented a manual of anti christmas with this plot and this true antihero. A symbiosis between the Note from ‘The Big Lebowski’, our Torrent and some air underground. Perhaps for many that bad milk can be burdensome today. But after all, films are daughters of their time, and without a doubt this film breathes a lot of air from the early 2000s.

    To disconnect at this time with high doses of black humor, here is the appropriate proposal (taking into account that the end did not convince the vast majority).


    Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) is a petty thief, very foul-mouthed, with quite a bad temper as well as an alcoholic. Every Christmas season, he makes a living in the malls playing Santa Claus alongside Marcus (Tony Cox), who plays his elf. But they both always have a plan to make some extra cash: By closing the stores, the couple manages to burst the safe and make a bigger loot. Now they are in a new destination, in which they will feel quite guarded, and will have the help of Thurman (Brett Kelly), a boy who sees the spirit of Christmas in Willie.

    He works every Christmas season in the shopping malls dressed as Santa Claus with his partner Marcus, who plays the elf. Every Christmas Eve, they turn off the security alarm after the mall closes, and smash the safe. At their new destination, they meet a suspicious head of security, and a very peculiar boy, in whose house Willie will be staying.

    Bad santa


    Terry Zwigoff’s career will have only six titles, but among them is a cult work. The filmmaker made two documentaries, ‘Loui Loui’ in 1985 and ‘Crumb’ in 1994. However, two years before introducing us to Willie and company, he showed the world two other companions of adventures who have passed into posterity: Enid (Thora birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson), the two protagonists of ‘Ghost World’. in 2003 ‘Bad Santa’ arrived and three years later it released ‘Art School confidential’, also based on a comic like ‘Ghost World’. In 2017 he presented his latest work, ‘Prospects in the making ‘

    terry zwigoff

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    It raised more than $ 60 million nationally and more than $ 76 million in total worldwide. On the part of the critics, the story was received with good acceptance. IN October 2015, it was announced that Thornton would be returning for ‘Bad Santa 2’, and that filming would begin in Montreal in January 2016 for a release scheduled for Christmas that same year. What changed was the director: Mark Waters, in charge of ‘Mean Girls’, was put in charge of the film. In this second installment they accompanied the actor Kathy bates Y Christina Hendricks. Brett Kelly and Tony Cox were reprising their roles.


    Premium help in the script: The Coens helped round out the script alongside Zwigoff and were credited on film as executive producers (hence the similarities to the Nota).

    There was a first option: Bill Murray had set the bar very high with ‘Ghosts Attack the Boss’ with that of personifying anti-Christmas. The actor was in negotiations to take the role, but eventually turned it down to play another role. And thank goodness he turned down Bad Santa: he changed it to play Bob Harris in the movie Sofia coppola, ‘Lost in translation’.

    Bad santa

    Bad santa

    Thornton, method actor: In an interview, the lead actor acknowledged how he got into Willie’s skin, and did not beat around the bush: “I’ve traditionally played really extreme characters and even in a comedy, if you’re going to play a guy like this, you can’t to be a little drunk, you know? And I was not like being drunk, Thornton said. “You have to get completely into it. I love kids, I’m crazy about them, but I had to ignore that fact and play the part.”

    John Ritter’s latest role: The actor of ‘Apartment for three’ died suddenly in September 2003 at the age of 54, leaving this film as his last job in the cinema. The film is dedicated in his memory.

    The competition in the casting: In a later interview, Brett Kelly recalled his audition to play little Thurman Merman. Among the other child candidates to play the “Bad Santa” partner was actor Angus T. Jones, who would later star in Two and a Half Men.


    Thurman, the only one in this story who personifies kindness and some truly Christmas spirit. Innocence oozes from every pore of this plump boy with blue eyes and blond curls. Thurman is Willie’s Guardian Angel.

    thurman and 'bad santa'

    Bad santa

    The scene

    Thornton swells to leave unsettled moments throughout the footage: peeing on himself, getting chocolate stained by a boy, having sex in a pool, etc. If one has to be selected, seeing Willie having the boys and girls in his lap offering all his “Christmas spirit” with that verbiage is a delight if black comedy is what you are looking for these days.

    The phrase

    We opted for the one Willie answers to good old Thurman when he asks if he’s really Santa Claus.

    No, I am an accountant. I wear this fucking suit to implement a fashion “

    Bad santa

    Bad santa

    To whom?

    For those with a feeling of bad milk these days and want to see something from the dark side to Christmas.

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    Where you can see?

    ‘Bad Santa’ can be seen on Prime Video.

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