With reports of the Covid and the Omicron variant in the news every day, We don’t know if ‘Don’t Look Up,’ a star-studded Netflix comedy, is coming at the best or worst time.

    Fortunately, it is not about a pandemic, but there are many things in Adam McKay’s latest film that will seem too close to reality to many, or perhaps to others could be cathartic. With a comet threatening to collide with Earth, ‘Don’t Look Up’ explores how difficult it could be to spread a necessary message in the age of fake news.

    Although it was written with the climate crisis in mind (the comet is actually a metaphor for global warming), there are many things in the film that could have easily been written about the pandemic. McKay doesn’t cut a hair, so as much as ‘Don’t Look Up’ makes you laugh, it could also make you very angry. And that is the goal. It is not intended to be a subtle movie, but it remains to be seen if it is something you want to see considering the pandemic situation we are experiencing.

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    ‘Don’t Look Up’ begins with a sequence we’ve seen in many apocalypse movies. Astronomy graduate student Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) thinks she’s going to have a normal day at work, but she’s actually making a horrifying discovery. Together with Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), they discover that a comet 5 to 10 km wide is on a direct collision course with Earth..

    It is an event that could lead to human extinction and therefore after speaking with the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (a real organization within NASA), The duo head to Washington to speak with the President of the United States, Orlean (Meryl Streep). As in a typical doomsday movie, it is at this point that plans must be made for a heroic attempt to save Earth.

    Only this time, the president wants to “sit still and evaluate” until the primaries are over in three weeks. Without government backing, Kate and Randall are forced to embark on a media tour to spread the word. and force some action and stop the impending destruction of the Earth. But in a world where people believe everything they read on social media, can the duo use the 24-hour news cycle to get the world to look up before it’s too late? We’re not very hopeful, to be honest …

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    Before the pandemic, there would be elements of ‘Don’t look up’ that wouldn’t sound very realistic, as for example that people did not believe two real astronomers on the path of a comet. Yet the movie now sounds hideously true even in its most ridiculous moments, be it addressing how social media divides us or the selfish choices of those in charge.

    McKay looks for obvious targets at all times, like when she winks at the photo of Donald Trump on the White House lawn, but is still hilarious when the pranks work on her. However, there is a certain ease in ‘Don’t Look Up’ which means that some jokes go on much longer than they should., and large chunks of the central section could be removed without much impact on the story.

    It’s a complicated balance that McKay tries to strike between wacky humor and the darkest apocalyptic story, and it doesn’t always work.. In particular, montage takes a while to adjust as the scenes seem to end abruptly or overlap for no obvious reason. At best, those abrupt cuts enhance your sense of humor, but there are plenty of other times when they just feel like a flair for style.

    Even during the most confusing stretches of ‘Don’t Look Up’, McKay still has a stellar cast to keep you hooked on the action. The cast is led by the powerful duo of Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, two actors who can sell such an outlandish concept as this. As Kate and Randall go through anxiety, anger and frustration, she offers the two stars a true showcase of all their talents.

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    However, they are not alone, as There’s an incredible supporting cast, including Meryl Streep reveling in her pompous role as president, Cate Blanchett as the flirty morning show host Brie Evantee, and Timothée Chalamet as the surprisingly profound. serpentine Christmas.

    However, the MVP is Mark Rylance in a truly chilling and eccentric role as tech billionaire Peter Isherwell, the “third richest human being in history.” It’s a transformative performance where Rylance steals attention in every scene he’s in., and it’s quite a merit that, strange as it turns out, it still feels hideously authentic.

    It is also crucial that everything comes together in the final act, in which McKay perfects the mixing of the tones and gets the ending right. TO As it leans more towards the social divide that we have all experienced in recent years, the movie becomes more fun and moving at the same time.. It culminates in a poignant and emotional ending that is more understated than you might expect.

    ‘Don’t Look Up’ may not work as well on the whole as its final act does, but still it’s shocking and maybe even change some minds among the viewers. Even if it isn’t, you’ll still have fun hanging out with this cast at world’s end.

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