Attention contains spoilers from the end of ‘Hawkeye’

The end, end of ‘Hawkeye’, that is, what comes after the end credits of the series, was a great scene with the complete representation of the theme ‘Save the City’ from the fictional Broadway musical that Clint is going to watch with your kids in the first episode. But nevertheless, And as the animator Elaina Scott has commented on Twitter, the initial idea was very different, although maintaining that point of comedy.

“The last post-credits scene from the end of ‘Hawkeye’ was supposed to it was to be the owl taking the siblings to their nest. It’s a shame they cut it off, it would have been hilarious! “

If you remember correctly, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) would shoot one of Hank Pym’s arrows at the chandaleros van, turning the vehicle and its passengers into a miniature in the Ant-Man style. From what Scott says, the owl that Clint sees on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree would have flown them to his nest, but the idea was finally scrapped and we won’t be able to see it, at least for the time being.

And what about Kingpin?

The truth is that no matter how curious you are about the fate of the chandaleros, the true mystery of the end of ‘Hawkeye’ revolves around the future of Kingpin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character played by Vincent D’Onofrio. In the series it is intuited that Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), his niece, finishes him off with a shot, But since there is no corpse, we cannot safely trust his death. So shall we see him again? In the comics Fisk survives when Maya shoots him point-blank in the ‘Daredevil’ comics, although he is temporarily blind. As the actor himself has said in an interview with Collider , he hopes his character will return for ‘Echo’, the spin-off of the Cox character that Marvel Studios is already preparing for Disney +, although no one has promised him anything: “I can’t say anything because Marvel doesn’t tell me either. So I can only hope to continue and I am sorry. I mean, in my head she definitely shoots her, but when I finished with ‘Daredevil’ at first I thought ‘Maybe I’ll come back somehow’, but then I thought it was all ending for good. I kept hoping because the fans wanted me to come back and that’s how it has been, so now I also hope that I can come back. ”

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‘Echo’ has no release date announced on the streaming platform, but you can already enjoy the first full season of ‘Hawkeye on Disney +.

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