Despite the fact that Spain has 80% of the population vaccinated, the film industry is going through one of its worst moments. According to provisional data from Comscore, the rooms have collected 250 million in 2021, This amount is nowhere near the 624 million in 2019 or the 506 million in 2013 (the worst year in the last decade). The constant restrictions and the reduction of safe capacity that they have had to do.

But this is not the only bad news. As advertised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Spanish films do not reach even half of this amount. They barely exceed 40.5 million And, in the absence of adding what was obtained in summer cinemas, festivals and the rest of the year, this figure would equal that of 2020 (43 million), a period in which we spent months without being able to leave home. The last push will be given by the already released this December 17 ‘Mom or Dad’ by Dani de la Orden and the tapes by Jaume Balagueró, ‘Way Down’, or by Fernando León de Aranoa, ‘The Good Patron’, nominated for 20 Goya Awards.

But if there is someone who leads the Spanish box office, it is Santiago Segura with his film ‘A todo tren! Destino Asturias’, which has added 8.4 million. In addition, last year he managed to reach 13 million with ‘Father there is no more than one 2’, rescuing the cinemas from the coronavirus. Now he is filming ‘Father there is no more than one 3’, which will be released in summer.

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Speaking of international productions, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ has swept reaching 15.3 million euros this last weekend and becoming the highest grossing footage of the pandemic, outside and inside Spain. They are followed by ‘Fast & Furious 9’, with 9 million; ‘Venom: There Will Be Carnage’, with 8.9 million; ‘To all train! Destino Asturias’, with 8.4 million; ‘Dune’, with 8.2 million; ‘No time to die’, with 7.9 million and ‘Eternals’, with 7.3 million.

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For its part, the comedy of Segura; ‘Way Down’, with 5.4 million; ‘Operation Camarón’, with 3.5 million; ‘The good boss’, with 3.3 million; ‘Maixabel’, with 2.8 million, and ‘Parallel mothers’, with 2.6 million, head the national list.

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