The movie Spider-Man: No Way Home is very emotional for the sacrifices of several of its main characters.

Attention SPOILERS. The movie Spider-Man: No Way Home is a brutal success in the midst of the pandemic, having raised $ 1.181 billion worldwide. This is because the fans leave excited because it has great cameos, surprise characters, action, humor and a lot of emotion.

Now, the scriptwriters of Spider-Man: No Way Home They have revealed the reason why a great sacrifice was needed.

“We were at a point where we felt there had to be a loss, a sacrifice, that Peter Parker had to pay a real price for this decision to try to save the villains. I think it was pretty clear to many of us that losing Aunt May was what would really drive home the point we were trying to make: making this the movie in which Peter Parker experiences the loss that others experienced in their first films”.

“He was trying to do what May taught him and that made the sacrifice so much more difficult because it exploded in her face and killed her. Then he started questioning that morality in a way that he never really questioned because he hadn’t been tested that way.

He also makes another great sacrifice.

If something has shown Spider-Man: No Way Home is how important they are MJ (Zendaya) Y Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) for Peter Parker (Tom Holland). In order to fix the break in the “Multiverse”, the Strange doctor has to cast a spell where everyone forgets who he is Peter parker. So he sacrifices his friendship and love for the good of humanity.

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So in the future, these two events will mark their actions. We hope to see you soon in future installments of the UCM. While, Spider-Man: No Way Home is still in theaters and the rest of the movies of Marvel studios where it appears Tom holland can be seen in Disney Plus streaming platform.

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