Spoilers for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Although in our review of ‘Spider-Man: No way Home’, we avoided all kinds of spoilers, seeing that it has already surpassed a billion dollars at the box office, perhaps it is time to start really talking about the MCU movie. At least that’s what his leading partner, Tom Holland and Zendaya, must have thought. After discussing, finally openly, the exciting surprise appearances of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, the duo of the moment has gone on to comment on their reactions and feelings around that bittersweet ending that has left us the third adventure of Tom Holland as Spider- Man.

Let’s remember that, before its post-credits scenes, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ ends with a Peter Parker erased from the minds of everyone who knew him. One who to protect his loved ones decides not to look for them, just as he promised. That, in addition to Happy or Ned, includes stopping seeing and talking to MJ, ending their relationship with that last sunset kiss. Talking with Marvel.com, Zendaya and Tom Holland talked about it all and it is the former who seems especially upset.

“In fact, I hate that we’ve been in these interviews saying, ‘This movie is so much fun!’ I cried throughout the movie. And the first thing I said when it was over was, ‘This is so sad,’ “Zendaya said. “It’s Brutal, it’s tough and bittersweet,” says Holland. Zendaya goes further and adds “Is it? I see it only bitter, as if it was not the sweet part … He has lost everyone he loves”.

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Luckily ‘Spider-Man 4’ is already on the way to solve all this mess and leave things as they should, partridges and happy.

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