The creativity of the seventh art seems to have no limit. Despite some very eventful months in theaters, the current vintage is one of the best in recent years. If in 2020 independent productions pulled at the box office, this year the most popular cinema has fanned the tickets in recent weeks. Towards a new normal in 2022 with a balance between both trends?

In any case, the dynamism of the most committed and risky cinema is evident in the following list with films that, months later, are still stirring in the retinas of the spectators. A majority of directors who impose themselves with powerful looks, subversive speeches and an unparalleled visual force. In fact, it almost made the list Janicza Bravo, with the heartbreaking and ironic ‘Zola ‘. Hold on, curves are coming.

‘The power of the dog’

12. ‘The power of the dog’by Jane Campion (Australia). Aesthetically sublime, between the story of Thomas Savage and the music of Jonny Greenwood, heaven must not be far off.

eleven. ‘The souvenir. Part II ‘by Joanna Hogg (UK). Cinema as a therapeutic resource has whetted our appetite and we are looking forward to seeing his next filmThe eternal daughter ‘, with Tida Swinton.

10. ‘The humans’by Stephen Karam (United States). A feature debut that could have been written between Tennessee Williams and Stephen King.

9. ‘What do we see when we look at the sky?’, by Alexandre Koberidze (Georgia). Two years in a row, Georgian cinema prevails in the lists of the best of the year.

8. ‘Pleasure’, from Ninja Thyberg (Sweden). And ideal complement of ‘Zola ‘. As visceral as he is brave.

7. ‘Where are you going, Aida?‘, from Jasmila Zbanic (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The humanism of its director overflows the screen.

6. ‘The event’by Audrey Diwan (France). Masterful in form and substance.

5. ‘Drive my car ‘by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi (Japan). Only a director like Hamaguchi can make two or three films a year and achieve such intensity and emotion.

4. ‘Great freedom ‘by Sebastian Meise (Austria). The best love story (with many capital letters) of recent years.

3. ‘Little mamaby Céline Sciamma (France). A true gem of delicacy.

two. ‘Flee’, from Jonas Poher Rasmussen (Denmark). Animation in the highest degree of inspiration. ‘Run away’ is a luxury that you should not miss.



one. ‘Titanium’by Julia Ducournau (France). If with ‘Raw’ we fell in love, with ‘Titanium’ it has driven us crazy. Brava, Julia.

Soon the best of auteur cinema in Spanish (with some surprise included) and now to celebrate 2022. Happy New Year everyone.

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