Actor Daniel Craig reveals what it’s been like to leave the James Bond character and how he felt about the end of No Time to Die.

Attention SPOILERS. Since it was released Royal Casino in 2006, Daniel Craig has left great performances like James bond, but surely the most remembered will be the end of his character in No time to die. Since he dies to save the world and his daughter.

Now, Daniel Craig has revealed how he felt about the death of James bond.

“If you stay in the end credits, it definitely says: James Bond is coming back, so all is well. I think the important thing was that we all tried to create a situation of tragedy. The idea that there is an insurmountable problem, there is a force majeure at play and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And the greatest force is Savin’s weapon. And that kills the only thing that Bond wants in life is to be with the people he loves and cannot be with, and therefore there is nothing worth living for. Revealed Daniel Craig.

“And he would actually put their lives in danger, and that’s the last thing he wants to do on earth. So that element was incredibly important to a kind of thread there, because it couldn’t feel like a random act. It had to have weight, because without it, it wouldn’t work. And if we hadn’t had that weight, I don’t think we would have. We would have found another way to end him.

The actor was clear about the fate of his character from the beginning.

Daniel Craig He also recalled a conversation he had with the producer of the Bond franchise, Barbara Broccoli, shortly after the premiere of Royal Casino. Since he suggested that it was best to kill his character.

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«I said to Barbara: How many of these films do I have to do? Because I don’t really see the contracts or any of those things. And she said: Four. And I said, Oh, okay. Can I kill him last? And she didn’t stop. She said: Yes. So, I made a deal with her back then and said, This is how I would like it to be. It’s the only way that I could see for myself to end it all and do it as my mandate, someone else could come and take over. She stood firm.

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