Since Marvel Studios regained the rights to Ghost Rider, many are the rumors of actors who have sounded to play the character, but the actor chosen from The Walking Dead is the perfect choice

We recently published the news that two actors were Marvel Studios’ favorites to play the ghost rider, well, today we learned from the site Giant Freakin Robot that Norman Reedus would have already signed to play Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the summer of 2021, actor Norman Reedus confessed in an interview to “I don’t know, call someone, make that happen. I want to do it”, talking about his wishes to play Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider in the Cinematic Universe of Wonderful. And it seems that the wishes of the popular actor known for his character as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, who is regularly seen riding a motorcycle, have come true. And I can say that there is no one better to interpret it.

When Norman Reedus has talked about his desire to play Ghost Rider, he has always sounded like he specifically wants to play Johnny Blaze. Ghost Rider is a title that has been in the hands of several different characters in the Marvel comics and on screen. Nicolas Cage played Johnny Blaze in two films. Gabriel Luna played Robbie Reyes, who held the title of Ghost Rider on the series Agents of SHIELD. The comics have seen Carter Slade, Danny Ketch, and others turn into the flame-covered horseman driven by vengeance. However, the most logical thing is that Marvel Studios decides to bring the most popular of them to the big or small screen for a restart.

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Recently, Norman Reedus has been seen online liking fan tweets related to his role as Ghost Ride, and he may not have realized how much attention those Likes would get. It probably seemed like a low-key move, but it attracted a lot of attention. It will be interesting to see how long Marvel tries to keep the casting of Ghost Rider a secret when this has already garnered so much attention.

While many fans wanted to see Norman Reedus in the role of Ghost Rider, there was also a group of fans who wanted to see Keanu Reeves take on the role. There are also fans who wanted to see Gabriel Luna again as Robbie Reyes, and even some who wanted to see Nicolas Cage return as Johnny Blaze. Interestingly, Norman Reedus doesn’t rule out any of that. The Multiverse has opened many doors for Marvel, which is why two Johnny Blazes on screen are completely possible now. According to Giant Freakin Robot Marvel plans to have multiple Ghost riders in his cinematic universe. It will be interesting to see how important the role will be to Norman Reedus, and in what project it will be featured. Hopefully, it will happen very soon in a Marvel Studios movie or series. | Cinema, comics and series

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