The end of Henry Cavill’s Superman would come in The Flash and it has been leaked how that farewell to the character would take place

The movie of The flash it is in the most absolute candlestick. New rumors emerge every day, especially after the detail we learned that the story would mean a reboot for the DCEU. If this is confirmed, it would mean that the versions of the bat Man from Ben affleck and the Superman from Henry cavill they would say goodbye. But what would that farewell be like?

Theories strongly state that the Bat Man, who would share the scene with the Batman of Michael keaton, will die in the movie. I mean, the way to fire Ben Affleck would be death. Would this be the first time we saw the man die in the cinema Dark Knight? At first glance I’d say yes, though Batman and robin It was quite “death,” not in the literal sense.

However, what will happen to Henry Cavill? The actor is constantly dropping that he’s willing to go back to being Superman, but it doesn’t seem like that in Warner Bros. be for the job of giving your version of the superman of Dc comics. If this sad news is fulfilled, The flash it will also be the tomb of Clark Kent, although we would not see him die like Gotham Bat.

The television farewell of a very badly used character

According to rumors and leaks, Henry Cavill’s Superman will say goodbye in The flash through a television. More or less, like what we saw at the beginning of the League of Justice from Joss Whedon, except that using a mobile they would use a television as a vehicle for the final goodbye.

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The truth is that this would be a very sad farewell for a character who, unfortunately, has been very badly used and they have not been able to give him all the potential he really has. If the departure of Henry Cavill is confirmed, we will lose an extraordinary version of Superman, perhaps the best we could have dreamed of, although things have not turned out as we expected.

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