The Batman production shares a spectacular new image in which the Dark Knight appears alongside Catwoman

Thanks to our colleagues from USA Today today we can bring you a new official image of The batman. We are talking, surely, of one of the movies of Dc comics most anticipated of all time. And one of the most popular premieres of 2022. In this image that we share below we can see the Dark Knight from Robert Pattinson Next to the Catwoman from Zöe Kravitz, while the sunset dyes the horizon of Gotham city.

Batman and Catwoman

What do you think? It’s amazing, right? It seems like a scene ripped directly from the cartoons and reminds us with recent nostalgia of the time of Tom king at the forefront of the series Bat Man. Perhaps one of the best stages of the character in the DC comics, waiting to know what he does James Tynion IV as heir to Tom King’s legacy in said franchise.

A Dark Knight costume designed to scare others

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Robert Pattinson spoke about the experience of donning the costume of the Gotham Bat on the production set of The batman. «It is very difficult to express yourself through it«, It recognized. «It is designed to scare people. Nobody really needs to know what your emotional state is while you’re in. But, in this movie, so much happens while he’s in the suit that you have to figure out how to make it work. It’s not just about hitting people«.

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We will have to wait to see how not only the suit and the main hero himself work, but also the close relationship that it seems they are going to build Bruce wayne and Catwoman. We, personally, are looking forward to seeing again Selina Kyle in the cinema, after so many years.

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