Ben Affleck’s filmography has, to put it mildly, a few ups and downs. Among his most notorious failures are ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jersey Girl (A girl from Jersey)’ or ‘Surviving Christmas’, but there is another that is also directly considered one of the worst films in all of history: ‘A dangerous relationship’, a romantic comedy that he co-stars with Jennifer Lopez. In it Affleck plays Larry Gigli, an inept thug who is tasked by the mob to kidnap the brother of a prestigious prosecutor. The same mafia then decides that it does not trust him and sends Ricky (Lopez), a hit man, to watch that he does his job well. The characters, how could it be otherwise, fall in love, and so did their two protagonists in real life, becoming the fashionable couple for the pink press before their premiere. “Gigli” (its original title) was a commercial and critical disaster, but two decades later Affleck insists that he has no regrets at all for having made it for two reasons: he met Lopez and made him jump to directing.

“The truth about the movie and what I learned from it is how much everything around a movie, outside of it, dictates how the audience sees it,” said Affleck in an interview with Weekly entertainment, who blames the producer for taking advantage of his romantic relationship to sell without taking into account the quality of the film: “It is like a horse’s head on the body of a cow. The studio at the time and because he had started a relationship with Jenifer Lopez who sold a lot of magazines and seemed to generate a lot of enthusiasm, so unsurprisingly they clung to the ‘they want a rom-com, they want you both together, it is what matters ». And it was like a sketch from Saturday Night Live. ”

And is that although Affleck admits that he has other jobs that have worked even worse, everyone remembers ‘A dangerous relationship’ because of the sensationalism that surrounds it: “It became a story in itself. Between the goofy name, the romance with Jennifer Lopez, and the overexposure, it came together like the perfect storm. I remember talking to the director on the Friday it was released and telling him it was spectacular, like a tsunami. It couldn’t be worse. And in fact it couldn’t be worse. “. Behind the cameras is Martin Brest, director of ‘Do you know Joe Black?’, ‘Superdetective in Hollywood’, ‘A hit with style’ or ‘Essence of a woman’, who also wrote and for which he was nominated for two awards Oscar. He has not returned to work after ‘A Dangerous Relationship’, 19 years ago.

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Two good reasons

“It engendered a lot of negative feelings about me”Affleck continues, “That aspect of the people I saw then was sad and harsh, it was depressing and it really made me question things, I felt disappointed and very insecure. However, if ‘A Dangerous Relationship’ hadn’t happened, I probably never would have decided that I had no choice but to go over to management, which has turned out to be the true passion of my professional life. So in that sense it was a gift. And it gave me the opportunity to meet Jennifer, with whom I have a relationship that is really meaningful to me. ” Affleck and Lopez were together from 2002 to 2004, when they parted ways on good terms due to media harassment. Almost 20 years later, in April 2021, Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rejoined their relationship and in all this time they have never had anything other than nice words from each other.

In 2003, after its premiere, ‘A Dangerous Relationship’ won the Razzie for worst picture, Affleck the award for worst actor and the two together the award for worst couple. A week later, when Affleck went to give an interview to the Larry King show, John Wilson, the creator of these Golden Raspberry Awards, presented him with the award that the actor tore into pieces when he considered it a joke in bad taste. Affleck has just released the family drama directed by George Clooney ‘The Tender Bar’, this 2022 we will see him in ‘Deep Water’ and ‘The Flash’ and his participation in ‘Hypnotic’ by Robert Rodriguez has been confirmed. He also has two new projects as a director: ‘Ghost Army’ and ‘Witness for the Prosecution’, the latter based on a novel by Agatha Christie, ‘Witness for the Prosecution’.

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