New year, new opportunity to have a crush on series. There are many series that will try to conquer us in 2022, and here we are going to talk about the Spanish proposals of Amazon Prime Video to achieve it. The serial fiction homeland is still in top form, showing a wide variety of stories, genres and settings. For example, in this list we will find from a teenage science fiction adventure to a classic comedy with a Alicante flavor, from a mystery thriller to an action-adventure comedy in Marbella in the 80s. Amazon has also managed to gather some of the brightest stars in our industry (Carmen Machi, Carolina Yuste, Javier Gutiérrez, Aura Garrido, Ángela Molina, Álex García…) and even those of other industries (there is the French Jean Reno) to offer us some of the most stimulating possibilities for this year.

In this list we will find productions such as ‘A private matter’, the new series from Bambú Producciones from the creators of other television hits such as ‘Cable Girls’ and ‘Velvet’, offering a mix of action, comedy, historical portraiture and female empowerment thanks to a woman who refuses to submit to social norms from Galicia in the 1940s and sets out in search of a local serial killer. It also highlights the adaptation of the novel ‘Reina Roja’ by Juan Gómez-Jurado, with which Amazon Prime Video has reached an exclusive agreement to develop audiovisual content. Great news for fans of his novels, which will be transferred to the small screen.

“We believe that these new original fiction bets are really going to make a difference, they are projects that we hope will have an incredible reception from our audience”, continued Koro Castellano, Director of Prime Video in Spain, in the presentation of the 2022 content in Spain. “Prime Video is more than a service of transmission, we are an entertainment hub. In addition to working daily on our original and exclusive productions and on the vast content catalog, we have other complementary services such as channels, or the possibility of renting or buying movies and series, to offer our audience all kinds of content. ” the new original productions that we will mention below, Amazon Prime Video continues to show national titles such as’ Celebrity Bake Off Spain ‘,’ The heart of Sergio Ramos’, ‘The challenge: ETA’, ‘El Cid’, ‘LOL: Si te ríes you lose ‘and’ GEO: Beyond the limit ‘, among others. Ready for what’s next?

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Tomorrow is today

defined as “a science fiction comedy”, this series brings us a fun proposal of family entanglements, beach vacations and … time travel. Directed by Nacho G. Velilla (‘Villaviciosa de al lado’), produced by Felicitas and with a cast made up of Carmen Machi, Javier Gutiérrez, Sílvia Abril, Asier Ricarte, Carla Díaz, Antonia San Juan, Pepón Nieto and Marta Fernández Muro, ‘Tomorrow is Today’ tells the story of a family that goes on vacation in the summer of 1991 and, after an electrical storm, magically travels to 2022. With more than thirty years of difference between the two eras, we we can imagine that they will have to deal with a very different social and technological reality. Comedy meat, and with a very original touch.

A private matter

Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira (creators of successful series such as ‘Las chicas del cable’, ‘Velvet’ and ‘Instinto’) return to the attack with ‘A private affair’, a mix of comedy, action and romance that vindicates women’s liberation in Galicia in the 1940s. Aura Garrido plays an upper-class woman, Marina Quiroga, who decides to break the social molds of the time and begin the search for a serial killer who terrorizes the city. He will do it with the help of his butler Hector (played by Jean Reno), and the result can be as exciting as it is fun. In the cast we also find Ángela Molina, Álex García, Gorka Otxoa, Tito Valverde, Pablo Molinero, Sara Sanz, Carlos Villarino, Toño Casais, Nerea Portela, Adrián Ríos and Andrés Velencoso. Produced by Bambú Producciones, it will have 8 episodes.

No footprints

Dose of tension, mystery and also a sense of humor are coming with ‘Without Traces’, an 8-episode series produced by Zeta Studios and starring Carolina Yuste and Camila Sodi. From Amazon Prime Video they describe it as a “western paella” shot between Alicante and Barcelona, and that counts as creators Carlos de Pando (‘The Ministry of Time’), Sara Antuña, Gabi Ochoa and Héctor Beltrán. The story follows two cleaners, one gypsy and the other Mexican, who see each other forced to flee after discovering a body in the house they were cleaning. The cast is completed by Silvia Alonso, Borja Luna, Álex Gadea, Adrian Grösser, Adriana Torrebejano, Leonardo Ortizgris and Pastora Vega.

The Farad (working title)

Formed by 8 episodes and inspired by real events, the new series by Mariano Barroso and Alejandro Hernández will put the action and thriller note on Amazon Prime Video. Your stage? The Marbella of the 80s. Its history? Oskar, a boy who dreams of setting up his own gym, ends up entering the fascinating world of the Costa del Sol, with its excesses and geopolitics. He will do it thanks to the Farad (who, for the moment, occupy the provisional title of the production), a family that offers him a future in the arms trade. Produced by Fernando Bovaira for MOD and Anxo Rodríguez for Espotlight, the official cast has not yet been released.

Red Queen

Amazon Prime Video has reached an exclusive agreement with one of the greatest Spanish exponents of the current thriller, the writer Juan Gómez-Jurado. First stop? The trilogy ‘Reina Roja’, the best-selling book in Spain for three years, which will have an adaptation on the platform by showrunner Amaya Muruzábal and, of course, with the participation of Gómez-Jurado. So we can see how the story of Antonia Scott, a woman of extraordinary intelligence who has managed to save dozens of lives, but at the cost of losing everything that mattered to her. The series is produced by Dopamine and Focus, and the cast is still unknown.


Teen audiences will also have their space on Amazon Prime Video in 2022 thanks to ‘Awareness’, an action science fiction adventure by Federation Spain. In history we will know Ian, a rebellious teenager who lives with his father on the fringes of society, surviving on petty scams thanks to the protagonist’s ability to project visual illusions into the minds of others. However, after losing control over his powers in public, two opposing sides begin to persecute him and eventually Ian will have to decide on which side he is going to fight that war in which he has been forced to participate.

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