‘How I Met Your Father’ premieres in the United States on January 18, the new series that continues the spirit of the successful ‘How I Met Your Mother’, this time with Hilary Duff in the leading role as Sophie, who tells her daughter what her romantic life was like in New York in 2022 and how she found who would become his father. Several North American media have already been able to see the first four episodes of the Hulu series, and the reviews are quite mixed.

Virtually everyone agrees that the series has a hard time getting started, although some see a future for it thanks to the general premise and others believe that it is simply a carbon copy of many others with little interest. entertainment weekly gives him quite a few sticks, especially in the aspect of humor, which they consider totally out of date: The jokes sound like they were written eight years ago., (…) I have to report, sadly, that there is a joke about an unboxing”. Variety matches the old jokes and adds that the series itself “it’s just a weird exercise in recycling nostalgia for modern times without finding a way to be really modern”.

Those who are a little more benevolent believe that the new group of protagonists has a future. It is more diverse and offers greater freedom over possible love stories He says collider, who believe that ‘CCATP’ “does a good job of introducing this new group of friends and what they could mean for the story as a whole”. IGN, however, believe that “It lacks the wacky personality that a New York show should have, and that its predecessor did have”. Returning to Collider, they point out that the spin-off starts with a disadvantage because “in addition to trying to present its own story and characters, ‘CCATP’ Has To Deal With The Legacy Of Its Past While Trying To Fix The Mistakes Of Its Predecessor.

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In the shadow of the original

It really doesn’t come off very well when compared to the original series. They do praise that the format of the future is not like the one starring Josh Radnor and here we do see the Sophie of the future, played by Kim Cattrall. And everyone seems to have been surprised by the twist so that the mystery is not going to be solved in the same way that the identity of the mother was solved in the original. However, IGN notes that “it’s hard not to consider it a lesser version of the original” and that “until he finds his way he may just suffer trying to be more than a reminder of a much better series”. Entertainment Weekly ditch saying that feels more like a copy of ‘Friends’, in which everyone is identically sweet-sarcastic-sexy-good. At least IPU notes that “has enough easter eggs from the original to make it a sequel” and to keep us entertained, and they think it portrays “wonderfully” that feeling that the original had that the resolution of the mystery was not the important thing, but the friendships and relationships that we were forging along the way.

‘How I met your father’ does not yet have a release date in Spain, but we will see it on Disney +.


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