Spoilers for ‘No Time to Die’ follow

    The explosion that killed Daniel Craig’s 007 has created a new Guinness World Record. In ‘No Time to Die’, the secret agent James Bond chose to sacrifice himself after being poisoned with a nanotechnology that would prevent him from touching his daughter Mathilde and his lover Madeleine Swann, whom he brings to life Lea Seydoux. Rather dead than simple: seeing that he doesn’t have time to escape from the island of Safin (Rami Malek) either, he decides to say goodbye elegantly to those he loves, who do manage to escape safely.

    Now the special effects supervisor chris corbould has announced in a behind-the-scenes clip that you can find and youtube that this harrowing sequence earned the team some pretty prestigious records.


    On the one hand, he broke the record for “largest number of explosives detonated in a single film shot”, with the equivalent of 136.4 kg of TNT used on set. For this to look convincing on screen, three separate explosions had to be performed in unison. This is not the first time that a Bond delivery rubs shoulders with the Guinness Records (the Guinness World Records), since ‘Spectre’ is proudly responsible for the “greatest exploding stunt” and ‘Casino Royale’ achieved “the most laps ever done by a car on itself”.

    daniel craig and director director cary joji fukunaga, james bond no time to die

    MGM / Nicola Paloma

    Just last week, the director Cary Joji Fukunaga explained that he had an alternate death planned for Craig’s character: “A bullet, like a stray bullet, I remember that one. But it seemed to me that a death with conventional weapons did not seem appropriate”, counted. “Given how adept it was at escaping everything else, the fact that it was just a bullet that always had your name on it from the start, even though deep down it was realistic, [no era suficiente]. For Bond, death had to go even further than that, as in an impossible, impossible situation.” The conclusion we draw from that, in any case, is that whatever the title of the film was, it lied to us: James Bond did have Time to die.

    We would love to close this article by highlighting the another record that ‘No time to die’ was about to break in 2021, snatching ‘Fast & Furious 9’ (with a substantial $721 million at the worldwide box office) for the highest-grossing Hollywood premiere of 2021. Indeed, Box Office Mojo informed us that Daniel Craig had risen to 734 million over the weekend to become the highest grossing movie in Hollywood of the pandemic era…

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    But there was the friend Spidey, unbeatable record. On December 27 we wrote: “Currently, the total for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ amounts to $1.05 billion. 467.3 million dollars come from the domestic box office and 587.1 million dollars have been made outside the United States”. Nothing, junk.

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