Ryan Reynolds helped raise more than $850,000 thanks to his jersey

Ryan Reynolds has been collaborating for years with Sick Kids, a foundation that fights “to make every child a healthy child”. It all started in 2018, when the protagonist of ‘Deadpool’ was the victim of a prank by his colleagues and friends Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. They tricked him into going to a party wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. In principle, all the attendees would go to the event with this traditional garment, however, the star would later discover that everything was part of Jackman and Gyllenhaal’s funny plan, being the only one of the appointment that appeared with the garment.

The moment was reflected in social networks and this “ugly sweater” became the most viral of the entire Internet. Since then, Reynolds has used that same design to create a campaign to help the NGO. In a recent Instagram post, the interpreter reveals that more than $850,000 has been raised in December 2021: “Thank you for helping this ugly sweater raise over $850,000 for the Sick Kids Foundation. Turning something ugly into something beautiful is what Sick Kids does every day. #SweaterLove”, writes the actor.

gap year

After finishing the shooting of ‘Spirited’ in October, Reynolds announced through a statement that he had decided to take a break: “It’s over for me with ‘Spirited’. I don’t know if even three years ago I would have been ready to say yes to such a demanding film. Singing, dancing and going all out with Will Ferrell has made many dreams come true for me.. And this is my second movie with the great Octavia Spencer…”

It’s the perfect time to take a little sabbatical from making movies.. I will miss every second of working with this incredibly talented group of creators and artists. These days, kindness matters as much as talent, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with people who measure up to both.”, he concludes.


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