Jonah Hill wants to do ‘Superbad 2’ senior version: at 80

A version of “nursing home” It is the only way in which Jonah Hill would agree to do the sequel to ‘Superbad’, that’s how forceful the actor has been. Hill has granted an interview this month to W magazine. as part of his special issue of best performances of the year for his work in ‘Don’t look up’, and in it he talked about his first acting role: the character of Seth in the 2007 teen comedy directed by Greg Mottola ‘Superbad’. Although it was a tremendous commercial success and grossed over $170 million worldwide, a sequel was never on the cards, though much of the team has always been open to the idea. For Hill, the only condition he sets is that they wait for their protagonists to reach 80 years of age in real life.

“I have never said this to anyone”, says Hill, “But what I want to do is when we are 80 years old ‘Superbad 2’. Like ‘Superbad nursing home’. Our partners have died and we are single again. That’s what I want ‘Superbad 2’ to be and the only way I’m going to do it.” In 2020 Seth Rogen, screenwriter of the film, said that ‘Superbad’ is the only one of his films that he would not touch either to make it a franchise or to remake it for a contemporary audience because he is too proud of it. The film co-stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Michael Cera and also stars Bill Hader, Martha MacIsaac and Emma Stone in her feature film debut.

The Force is not with you

In the same interview for W Magazine, Hill revealed that he maintains a great friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom he has coincided in addition to ‘Don’t look up’, in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Django Unchained’. As good friends that they are, it is seen that series and movies are recommended, but despite his many efforts, DiCaprio has not managed to get him hooked on ‘The Mandalorian’: “Leo made me watch the show when we were doing ‘Don’t Look Up,’ and Baby Yoda is so cute, but I didn’t give a shit because I didn’t even know what it was about.” Hill has never been a fan of science fiction because, according to him, if a story couldn’t happen in real life, it didn’t interest him, and that’s probably why he never had any interest in ‘Star Wars’.

However, Hill does not apply this normal to fantasy, because he has confessed to being a recent fan of ‘Game of Thrones’: “I know it’s going to sound funny because I’m living in 2012. I watch episodes three at a time like you would when binge-watching any series. But I forget that this happened week to week and that it was a cultural event. So I just I saw the red wedding in one of those three-episode packs and I was like, ‘Oh my God, they killed Rob Stark, blah blah blah,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, man. It was a phenomenon on a par with the end of ‘The Sopranos’.” ‘Don’t Look Up’ is available on Netflix.

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