SPECTACULAR: First official image of Batgirl

Warner Bros has revealed the first official image of Leslie Grace dressed as BATGIRL! and it looks spectacular

We were hoping to see some image of Leslie Grace dressed as Batgirl on the set of the new DC Comics movie for HBO MAx, but Warner Bros has beaten the paparazzi by sharing an official photo!

Warner Bros has taken to Instagram to share a first official image of Barbara Gordon fully dressed as Batgirl.

Photos from the Glasgow set of the HBO Max movie have been online all week, and it looks like Warner Bros has decided to get ahead of the leaks by sharing this image. This likely means more official images are on the way, so keep an eye on cinemascomics.com for a look.

The suit is highly accurate to the comics and the design appears to be primarily inspired by the look of the heroine in the 2014 relaunch. There also appears to be a bit of Yvonne Craig’s outfit from the classic 1960s Batman TV series.

“I use your expectations against you. That will be your weakness. Not mine. Everyone underestimate me”Grace wrote in her instagram post in which she also shared the image of Warner. “And when they let their guard down and their pride rises, let me kick their ass.” – Batgirl, Year One

Batgirl will also star JK Simmons as Jim Gordon, Jacob Scipio and Brendan Fraser in undisclosed roles (the latter is believed to play the villainous Firefly). It has also been confirmed that she will appear in Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Loki composer Natalie Holt recently announced that she has signed on to work on the film’s score. Christina Hodson, who wrote Bumblebee and also worked on Birds of Prey and Flashwrote the most recent draft of the script.

The HBO Max movie that still has no release date set is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys for life).


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