Belated Christmas present! The franchise ‘Go Santa Claus!’ is going to continue as a TV series on Disney+ and will once again star the one and only Tim Allen. It has been confirmed by the streaming platform Variety and depending on the medium in history Scott Calvin is about to turn 65 and realizes he can’t be Santa forever. He can’t fulfill his obligations as Santa Claus as before and what is more important, he has a family that could use great readaptation to the normal world, especially his children who grew up in the Polo. Scott will have to find a suitable replacement for the costume that will please elves and boys and girls all over the world.

It will be the fourth time that Allen puts himself in the shoes of the character since he starred in the first installment of the saga in 1994. Two sequels followed in 2002 and 20006: ‘Santa Claus 2’ and ‘Santa Claus 3. For a Christmas without cold’. Jack Burditt, who has already worked with Allen on ‘One for all’, will be the executive producer and showrunner. Allen himself (who will also direct several episodes), Richard Baker and Rick Messina are also producing for Disney Branded Television and will begin work on it this March.

in real shock

After the news broke, David Krumholtz, the actor who played the elf Bernard in the first two films, reacted with genuine shock on Instagram:

“This is nothing short of shocking.”

Krumholtz revealed to Vulture the last December that he had not wanted to participate in the third installment because the script devalued the sarcastic main elf and that he could not “in good conscience” repeat role: “I’ve tried to watch the third one, but it’s not the same. I think the first two are really special. The first one is a classic, obviously. It’s crazy to be part of something that has lasted so long, that broadcasts every year and It’s become a tradition in people’s homes. I never could have imagined I would have this conversation years later.”

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