• The most anticipated Netflix series for 2022

    The Byrdes are back this week on Netflix with the episodes of the fourth season of ‘Ozark’. In addition, the film ‘Munich on the eve of a war’ arrives, with George MacKay and Jeremy Irons in the cast.

    These are all the premieres that will arrive on the platform in the week of January 17 to 23.

    Tuesday January 18

    Who pulls the strings? Documentary series.

    This is the shocking story of one of the world’s most brazen con men. Over a decade, Robert Freegard controlled, swindled and fleeced at least seven women and one man, stealing nearly a million pounds from them. He led his traumatized victims to believe that they were complicit in intricate secret service operations and that their families were in grave danger if they did not obey him. Freegard exploited, preyed upon, and controlled them with extreme cruelty, confident that they were too gripped by fear to flee. Now the story takes an incredible turn and comes to the present with a family that fears for their mother’s safety.

    Wednesday January 19

    The fringe. Serie . Season 4.

    After the fire in San Onofre, the destinies of Pastor, Mario Borges and Diosito cross paths again in the Puente Viejo prison. The reunion between Pastor and Diosito revives strong feelings in both. César, who has been transferred there, joins the confrontation and leads the group representing the U-21s. Sergio Antín pulls the strings from the outside and confronts the current director to gain control of the prison. For her part, Emma Molinari will help Pastor in a new and dangerous escape attempt.

    Thursday January 20

    royal treatment. Romantic comedy.

    Isabella runs a beauty salon and is not shy about speaking her mind. Prince Thomas runs a country and is about to marry out of duty and not love. When Izzy and her team have the great honor of doing the hair for the royal wedding, she and Thomas discover that in order to take control of their destinies, they must follow their hearts.

    Friday January 21

    Ozarks. Serie. Season 4.

    New chapters of the current-set drama that chronicles the Byrde family’s odyssey from their ordinary life in a suburb of Chicago to their dangerous criminal enterprise in the Ozarks (Missouri). The series takes an in-depth look at capitalism, family dynamics, and survival through the eyes of unusual Americans.

    Munich on the eve of a war. Suspense novel.

    Based on the international bestseller by Robert Harris. In the fall of 1938, Europe is on the brink of war. Adolf Hitler prepares to invade Czechoslovakia, and Neville Chamberlain’s government desperately seeks a peaceful solution. In such a tense atmosphere, British civil servant Hugh Legat and German diplomat Paul von Hartmann go to Munich to attend the Emergency Conference. As negotiations begin, these two old friends find themselves at the center of a web of political subterfuge and very real danger. As the world watches, can war be avoided? And, if so, at what price?

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