Actor Nicolas Cage has starred in many movies lately and some of them are very bad, but others deserve recognition.

Nicholas Cage He has taken part in more than 100 productions throughout his career and it must be recognized that lately it seems that he has not finished choosing his projects well. Even so, there are some hidden gems in his filmography that deserve a new viewing. In a recent interview, the actor mentioned bringing up the dead (To the limit) by Martin Scorsese from 1999 and Joseph by David Gordon Green in 2013. But he also asked for a second chance to Knowing (Signs of the future) from Alex Proyas from 2009.

“I love both movies (Full Throttle and Joe). In addition, these in particular, when they were released, were somewhat marginalized. Well, Joe was getting some attention at first, it seems like it faded over time, but that’s good. But Signs of the Future, specifically, I think it’s good to select it because I think people might enjoy it, especially now.” revealed Nicholas Cage.

Does Signs of the Future have anything to do with the current world situation?

The science fiction film Signals of the future 2009 begins when a girl leaves a numerical message in a time capsule buried in her school in 1959. Fifty years later, the children of the present receive the messages and the son of a widowed astrophysics teacher named John Koestler (Nicolas Cage) receives the numbers that little by little he deciphers, he soon realizes that they represent terrible events that have been happening in all that time. The sequence ends with the mass extinction of the planet by a solar flare that destroys the atmosphere and all life on the surface. In the end, there are some children from the planet who are selected by aliens to survive and are taken to another place where they stay safe.

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Signals of the future

The movie Knowing (Signs of the future) grossed at the time 183 million dollars with a budget of 50 million. I remember going to see it at the cinema and I didn’t dislike it. Maybe now you have to give it a second chance as it says Nicholas Cage to see certain similarities with the current moment in the world. Do you like the movie? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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