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As usual in Marvel Studios, they have left a reference in the film The Eternals of the Falcon series and the Winter Soldier.

You almost have to stop a movie or series wonder studios frame a frame to be able to see all the little references there are. Now at the beginning of the movie The Eternals we can see how the character of Sersi (Gemma Chan) is on the streets of London and there is a moment when you can read some advertisements. One of them is from the Global Repatriation Council. This organization appears in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier and is a coalition of world governments that provides aid to displaced people after the Avengers bring all those who disappeared because of the “snap” from Thanos.

As we can check, the Global Repatriation Council He doesn’t do a great job, surely because of the great corruption that exists, more hidden interests. For this reason, the organization No flags (Flag Smashers) try an attack to turn things around. But Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) at the end of the series he manages to get the world leader to recognize that they needed to listen to the people they served instead of going ahead without listening to the population.

The Eternals Falcon and the Winter Soldier

So in the movie The Eternals, we can confirm that this organization is still active, although we do not know if they are doing things well or if they simply continue to not attend to the needs of the people.

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The team of alien heroes will return in a few years.

The movie of The Eternals had a very intense ending as some of them were brought before the Celestials while the rest that had left Earth decide they must rescue them. For this dangerous mission they can count on Eros (Harry Styles), the brother of Thanos.

The Eternals and the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier can be enjoyed in the Disney Plus streaming platform, which is accessed through this link.

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