Anya Taylor-Joy is being rumored as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 and Marvel has some brutal Fan Art of the actress turned villain

It would be some of the best news wonder studios could give us! After the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the study of Kevin Feig beside sony images I would already be working on the script for spider man 4. Despite the rumors that Tom Holland could definitely leave the UCM, everything seems to continue and we will have a new story. And perhaps Anya Taylor-Joy could end up giving life to the character of Gata Negra, one of the great villains of Trepamuros.

the protagonist of Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) She is one of the most talented actresses of the moment. Her charisma has made her a true star and every project she takes part in is gold. Therefore, we are not surprised that they want to place it in a project as consolidated as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the moment they are just rumours, but the fans have already unleashed their imagination and see it very clearly turned into felicia hardy.

Now, one of the best Fan Arts artists in our country, tent, has imagined what Anya Taylor-Joy would look like as Black Cat in the possible spider man 4. The Fan Art that we are going to show you next is wonderful. As he always gets Carpaa with us, he has given us goosebumps! How much talent he has, for God’s sake!

Fan Art of Anya Taylor-Joy as Black Cat (Marvel)

The spin-off project that we may see in the future

Carpaa has placed the title Black Cat (Black Cat) for this Marvel Fan Art. It’s not that he made it up, it’s that there are real plans to make a movie starring the legendary villain and anti-heroine from the cartoons of Spiderman. We don’t know if that project will go ahead, because we already know Sony’s instability with its plans. However, if it does happen, we’d love for Anya Taylor-Joy to bring the character to life because… She fits the bill!

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