Continue the adventure of the bounty hunter who wants to be the most benevolent crime lord that Mos Espa has ever known. After a more than probable last flashback, Fett is fully recovered and prepares for an imminent war with the Pyke Syndicate, but not before explaining some of the “plot gaps” that brought the most impatient fandom upside down.

    We review what a chapter has given of itself that leaves us at the gates of the start of the great final act of the season.


    the odd couple

    storm threat‘, the chapter directed by kevin tancharoen, begins by taking us to the moment in which Boba, after witnessing the massacre of the Tusken people at the hands of Nikto bikers, decides to recover his Firespray gunship, the ship with which the bounty hunter became famous and which every fan knows as Slave I.

    While keeping an eye on the many guards protecting Jabba’s former palace, now occupied by Bib Fortuna, he discovers the dying body of Fennec Shand, Master Assassin of the Mid Rim in the desert, and decides to help her, knowing that some help could do him good.

    After going through a modifier that fills Shand with mechanical gadgets for his survival while listening to disco music from the ‘mass effect‘, both share a watery black melon and agree to a collaboration pact in exchange for the interested but effective ransom. Terence’s Hill Y bud spencer finally united.

    stupid fat


    Nightmare in the kitchen

    To retrieve the hidden ship in the guarded palace, Shand decides that it is best to go into stealth mode and enter one of the drains that will lead to the kitchen of the place.

    There they will run into two mechanical chefs who, although they seem to be created with a mixture of digital images and animatronics, their movements have been designed so that the stop motions savor every second of this gift on sight.

    As if that wasn’t enough, after spooning a toad and the version Whip of General Grievous, Fett lives an incident “The fish, the fish” when confronting a small droid on the run as the French chef from ‘The little Mermaid‘ who faces the crab Sebastian.

    Everything ends badly for the artificial intelligences and Boba and Fennec manage to get hold of the Slave I, not without problems with Jabba’s parking columns.

    stupid fat


    Aero-red Forte

    Having retrieved his Kangoo from space, Boba wastes no time hunting down the bikers who wiped out his family of Sand People. Revenge smells of blood, fire and scattered pieces of speeder bikes in the scorching sea of ​​dunes.

    Their thirst quenched, it is their turn to recover the green beskar armor with which we met the character and, convinced that he must have fallen back into the jaws of the sarlacc after his desperate escape, they return to the jagged hole to discover the remains of the barge. of Jabba and the ever-hungry mouth of the long-digesting creature.

    To calm his ills once and for all, Fennec gives us another little nod to the prequels to press the button that launches the seismic charge, an impressive sonic bomb that we met when Boba was just Jango’s co-pilot, his father, in ‘Star Wars- Episode II: Attack of the Clones‘ (George Lucas, 2002). So far the story of the almighty sarlacc.

    Saddened by not having found his armor, the bounty hunter rests with his partner in the desert and we discover that he is tired of working for others and sticking his neck out for guys who value their goals but not their lives. The Tuskens have changed Boba forever, and Fennec, though hesitant, seems to buy his speech.

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    And if not, we get angry

    Returning to the present, Fett is fully recovered from his desert wounds and doesn’t need to return to the bacta tank, so he wastes no time meeting up with the three factions that could help (or complicate) his impending fight with the Pyke Syndicate.

    After recruiting former Wookiee gladiator Krrsantan for his gleaming team made up of the Mod kids and Moncho and Troncho (that’s what we like to think of their Gamorrean soldiers being called), we witness the daimyo of Mos Espa meet the leaders of the rest of Tatooine’s criminal sectors. : the Trandoshans (reptilians like Bossk), the Aqualish (those with the double chin like Ponda Baba) and the Klatooinians, that race that looks like Perro Muchacho.

    He doesn’t get them to join him in his war against the Pykes, but thanks to the rancor’s power of persuasion, it looks like at least he won’t have them against him. Convinced that the conflict is about to break out, Boba needs to find a new ally and, in the background, the musician Ludwig Goranson seems to have the solution by reminding us of the main topic of ‘the mandalorian‘.

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    stupid fat


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