• Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ Gets a Follow-up Novel Set Before and After the Movie’s Events
  • The story begins one day after the events of the film.
    • The publication will see the light in the next summer

      Marking his debut as a novelist, director michael man will release a sequel to his legendary crime movie, ‘Heat,’ but in novel form, Deadline reported on Wednesday. Entitled ‘Heat 2’, the book has been co-written by Mann and meg gardinerand will go on sale, at least in its original version, on August 9.

      Mann told the publication that he had wanted to tell more stories for a long time. black set in Los Angeles on the line for this movie. The book is set before and after the events seen in the 1995 film, which concludes with the death of criminal Neil McCauley (robert deniro), who is killed by Los Angeles Police Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) after a chase.

      In Mann’s own words: “I’ve been meaning to do more ‘Heat’ stories for a long time. There was always a rich history or backstory about the events in these people’s lives before 1995 and the projection of where their life would take them after.“.

      With De Niro and Pacino at the height of their stardom, Mann’s film deliberately kept them apart on screen, constructing a restaurant showdown that remains one of the most iconic scenes in modern cinema. The actors had previously starred in ‘The Godfather Part II’ (although they didn’t share any scenes, as their characters exist in separate timelines), and later in the now-forgotten 2008 thriller ‘Just Kill’. Most recently, they starred together in Martin Scorsese’s crime epic ‘The Irishman’.

      ‘Heat 2’ is a novel that begins one day after the events of the film, with the character of Chris Shiherlis, the one who gave life kilmer valley, one of McCauley’s team members, trying to get out of Los Angeles. The action also spans Mexico and Southeast Asia.

      The book will also offer a deep dive into Hanna’s life, six years before the events of the film, as she hones her skills as a law enforcement officer. Hanna was based on real life Chicago PD detective Chuck Adamson and his search for the real Neil McCauley. Several events shown in the film actually happened. The book will explore Hanna’s failed first marriage and the effects of his service in the Marine Corps in Vietnam. It will also feature other members of McCauley’s crew.

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      The book suggests the theory that Hanna and McCauley’s paths were destined to cross; although they never met before the events of the film, their journeys in the book are intertwined.

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      ‘Heat’ has inspired a whole generation of filmmakers, especially Christopher Nolan, whose 2008 film ‘The Dark Knight’ is based heavily on the 1990s film. Mann’s last film was ‘Blackhat’. He currently works as an executive producer and director on ‘Tokyo Vice,’ an HBO Max adaptation of the book by jake adelstein.

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