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* We talked about the future of the saga and we play with the possibilities going into detail. If you haven’t seen ‘No Time To Die’, don’t read on!

“We will have to see how we solve it, but he is going to come back. You can be sure that James Bond will return. That’s how firm Barbara Broccoli was recently, clearing up doubts about the future of the saga that she produces with Michael G. Wilson. So ‘James Bond’ will feature its star character again despite the tragic ending of ‘No time to die’.

That yes, the garden in which they have gotten into with the outcome of the aforementioned film, designed to dismiss Daniel Craig’s passage through the franchise as he conceived just after the premiere of ‘Casino Royale’; not easy to navigate. Hence Broccoli’s doubt about the how, the unresolved question that joins the who? that has been floating in the air since Craig’s departure was made public.

Regarding this relief, Broccoli has just confessed that they have in mind one of the candidates who has not stopped sounding strong: Idris Elba. This performer has been on the lips of many fans and industry peers. In fact, ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan himself has assured that “It would be magnificent”, a perfect signing next to Tom Hardy. Now the producer claims that Elba would be being considered for the role.

“Well, we know Idris, we’re friends, and he’s a terrific actor.”, Broccoli tells in statements a deadline. “And you know, has been part of the conversation, but it is always difficult to think about it when there is another actor embodying the character. We have decided that until the tour of ‘No time to die’ is finished and both Daniel and we have been able to savor it, and enjoy his wonderful passage through the saga, we will not think or talk about anyone else.

Elba, the next Bond, James Bond?

A question even more crucial for the future of the saga also remains unresolved: do we consider that Craig’s Bond is dead and that this spy follows the same rules as ‘Doctor Who’ being able to simply change his face; or the one who has gone to a better life is James Bond himself?

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Depending on the answer to this question, the next thing looks very different. If the dynamics of the longest-running series on British television are applied to this film saga, continuing is easy. The next film could be placed chronologically after ‘No time to die’, with an actor in his maturity. Craig says goodbye being already in his 50s and Elba rubs the same age.

But what happens if it is decided that Bond is definitely dead in his 25th adventure? It would be possible to bet on a time jump, planning a prequel, in which case Elba would not fit the role. Neither Elba, nor Hardy… Tom Hiddleston is a bit younger, but he shares the same “problem”. They will jump into the pool with… Tom Holland?

This young actor has shown interest in the saga, in fact recently revealed who came to raise an idea at Sony, “A James Bond Origin Story” that “It didn’t make sense and it didn’t work. I don’t think those responsible for Bond [estuvieran] particularly interested. Sure?


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