A deleted scene from Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye series demonstrates why the Avenger never misses a shot.

clint barton better known as Hawk Eye was introduced in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe in 2011 in the movie Thor. Since then, his combat skills have put him on a par with the mightiest on Earth. But without a doubt, what stands out the most about him is that he uses a bow as a weapon and has different arrows to use on any occasion.

Now a deleted scene from the series Hawk Eye (Hawk Eye) from disney more, reveals interesting details of his past. Since when I was a child, clint barton He lived with his mother and they robbed people to survive. But even so, from an early age he showed the aim he had since he never missed a shot. Even with a trick shotgun from the fair he was able to time the shot to hit.

That’s how wonder studios has shown why Hawk Eye he is so good with the bow, since it was not based on training, but was born with that gift. However, kate bishop interpreted by hailee steinfeld yes, he had a very hard training to catch up, although he was also born with an amazing facility to hit the target. But it is clear that their childhoods were very different.

Here is the deleted scene:

What will happen to these two characters in the future?

the series of Hawk Eye show how clint barton seeks to retrieve objects that relate to ronin. That is, the stage when he was a dangerous vigilante who killed many gangsters around the world. But in the end, you can get together with your family for Christmas and they leave the door open for kate bishop Be your replacement from now on. In fact, there is already talk that he could star in a series or a movie with the character. yelena bellova (Florence Pugh). So Jeremy Renner could have already said goodbye to the character and wonder studios, although they have left an open door for an epic return, something to which the actor has always been willing.

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The first season of the series Hawk Eye can now be enjoyed in full the Disney Plus streaming platform.


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