Six weeks and nobody can with ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’. It is true that the latest movie of the Marvel superhero is still in decline and between January 21 and 23 it has raised 22% less than the previous weekend, adding €656,572 to a total of 25.5 million, with an average of 144 viewers per screen and €1,898 per cinema. The good news for Tom Holland’s crew is that they’ve at least broken the 4 million viewer mark. In second place and pushing ‘Scream’ far down the ranking, Guillermo del Toro’s new film has slipped in, ‘The alley of lost souls’, which becomes the best premiere of the week despite having raised only €520,000, a figure even lower than what the third most watched film achieved last week.

Starring Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett, the film noir del Toro has been screened on 463 screens in 381 cinemas with an average of €1,123 per screen and a total of 76,990 viewers. Third place and repeating last week’s position goes to ‘Sing 2!’, which in its fifth week at the box office falls by 18% and adds €448,704 to a total that already exceeds €6.6 million. This animated sequel from Universal is also the only family film in the top 5 and there is no other children’s film until ‘Lunatics’, which ranks eighth on the list. Of course, it has already surpassed ‘Encanto’ in total viewers, exceeding 1.1 million.

The second best opening of the week goes to Will Smith with ‘The Williams Method’, which has reached 277 cinemas and 296 screens, grossing €398,759 thanks to 58,902 admissions. Closing the top 5 is ‘Scream’ in its second week, down 40% and grossing €383,825 what does a disappointing total of 1.2 million euros. The new installment of the horror franchise led the box office last Friday, but it was deflating during the weekend and had to settle for a second place that it has not even been able to maintain. We wondered if it would eventually exceed the 1.5 million total made by ‘Scream 4’ and for now, although it’s close, the unknown is still up in the air.

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Sixth place goes to ‘Mamá o Papá’, which fell 22% with a collection of €166,887 and then we have the other premiere of the week that has made a hole in the top 10 of the Spanish box office: the spy team of ‘Agents 355’, which debuted with an average of €401 per screen and a total of 19,581 viewers to earn €129,918 in seventh place on the list. Closing the ranking are ‘Lunaticos’, which falls 14%, ‘Matrix Resurrections’, which falls 43% in its fifth week, and finally ‘The King’s Man: The First Mission’, which despite falling 48% resists after a month of its premiere, surpassing one and a half million euros globally thanks to the €88,495 it has added this week.

Without big premieres, we won’t come back

Making a general review of what this weekend has meant for the Spanish box office, we find that the global collection is lower than that of the weekend of January 14 to 16, with a total of 3.38 million euros ( €35,222 less than the previous week), but surpassing, this time yes, the 500,000 spectators. Three premiere films out of the nine that were released have slipped into the top 10 and all the others have fallen without a single one of them improving their figures or their average and not staying the same.

Among the novelties that arrive in our cinemas on January 28 include ‘Belfast’, the acclaimed semi-autobiographical drama by Kenneth Branagh and safe bet on the Oscars; and ‘La granny’, the new horror film by Paco Plaza that we have been waiting for so long between delays. In addition, Atalante Cinema recovers ‘Francisca’ by Manoel de Oliveira in a restored copy and fans of the punk band ‘La Polla Records’ will be able to enjoy Javier Corcuera’s documentary ‘We are nothing’ about its forty-year history.

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