Didn’t you know? The Fraguels are back! Just when we needed them most, Jim Henson’s characters return with a new series on Apple TV + titled ‘Los Fraguel: The fun continues’, a reboot that recovers the spirit of the mythical children’s series of the 80s and reinvents it for today’s children. But for the most purists, there is no reason to worry, the series is still as we remembered it, except for some other detail to modernize it and expand its universe.

For the rest, Los Fraguel are the same as always, those adorable, funny and innocent creatures with whom so many of us grew up and who have now made it their mission to continue spreading their message of camaraderie and its celebration of everything that unites us to the new generations. Gobo, Musi, Rosi, Doubt and Bombo They come back with more energy than ever and we have been able to verify it in the first person because… we have interviewed them! *insert Kermit the Frog waving gif*

From their caves in Fraggle Rock, the gang contacted us using the latest Curri technology and they told us many things, from why they love to sing so much and what makes them get along so well despite being different, to their advice to the Strange Creatures (that is, us humans) to have fun and escape in difficult times . Too we did a little meditation together and even composed an impromptu poem with Musi. But better watch it. Dream fulfilled.

Henson Universe at Apple

The 80’s classic loved by an entire generation returns with ‘Los Fraguel: The fun continues’, Apple TV+ original series whose first season is now available on the platform, with 13 episodes in total full of magic, radishes and original songs. A continuation of the Jim Henson Puppet Adventures produced by Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford, featuring Matt Fusfeld and Alex Cuthbertson as writers and showrunners.

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In addition to ‘Los Fraguel: The Fun Continues’, Apple continues to expand its collaboration with The Jim Henson Company, with the new adaptation of ‘Harriet the Spy’, which is added to the recent collection of short films ‘Los Fraguel: A rock rhythm!’ Y the original series, which can be seen on the streaming service with its entire 88 episodes.


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