In 2002, the company Blue Sky Studios made its big debut in the world of feature films with ‘Ice Age: The ice age’. A wonderful prehistoric adventure starring a mammoth, a giant sloth and a tiger, almost robbed of stardom by a tireless squirrel in his search for the lost acorn, which captivated the public and convinced a very large part of the critics. For getting excited, even the Academy gave itself to the cause, nominating it for an Oscar for Best Animated Film, which it lost in favor of the immeasurable ‘Spirited Away’.

The ‘Ice Age’ saga from worst to best

5 ‘Ice Age 4: The formation of the continents’
'Ice Age 4: The formation of the continents'

The worst thing about this unsuccessful ‘Ice Age 4: The formation of the continents’ is that it was preceded by the splendid ‘Ice Age 3: The origin of the dinosaurs’, a third installment that could look face to face at the first film of the saga, a reference point for a set of sequels that found their lowest point here. Nothing works, not even Scrat’s gags, in a fourth part that is pure routine, wasted resources, lazy story and repetition of already seen tricks. His greatest merit? Being the most boring of all being the only one with a group of wild pirates. Seeing is believing. And to forget.

Ice Age 4: The Formation of the Continents at eCartelera

4 ‘Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm’
'Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm'

Few movies have been as honest in recent years as ‘Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm’. The title already warned you from the beginning. Let’s go to the dictionary and read the exact definition of the term ‘cataclysm’: great catastrophe caused by a flood or other natural phenomenon.

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Well, let’s say that a movie can be a natural phenomenon and that’s it, we already have the summary of this fifth (no mercy) installment of a saga that began with a lot of sympathy and freshness, elements that it kept in its second and third installments, for to sink with the whole team in that ‘Formation of the continents’ that still arouses chills. A decadence that ended up settling in this disappointing last episode whose final stretch could well be considered, in independent terms, the lowest artistic point of the saga.

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3 ‘Ice Age 2. The thaw’
'Ice Age 2. The thaw'

Four years after the tremendous commercial and critical success of ‘Ice Age. The ice age’, zero surprises, hit the billboards ‘Ice Age 2. The thaw’, a sequel that was committed to playing the right elements of the formula to repeat triumph. Mission accomplished. A continuation that did not bring any really significant novelty, if anything to give a greater shine to the hilarious battle of Scrat and his acorn, but that It was precisely in that location in the comfort zone that he found the greatest of his strengths. No surprise, same satisfaction.

Ice Age 2. The thaw at eCartelera

two ‘Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’
'Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs'

After a more than solvent second part, the prehistoric saga from Blue Sky Studios surprised locals and strangers alike with ‘Ice Age 3: The Origin of the Dinosaurs’, a very remarkable third installment full of good news. The characteristic sense of humor, the charismatic main characters and the vibrant sense of adventure were maintained, especially spectacular on this occasion, but the technical perfection, the display of color and, above all, the success of unforgettable secondary characters were increased. And here we enter the field of that one-eyed weasel and ruthless dinosaur hunter named Buck who needed a single scene to become the true queen of this highly entertaining feature, the last high point of the franchise.

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one ‘IceAge. The ice age’
'IceAge.  The ice age'

The first meeting with Sid, Mannie, Diego and, of course, Scrat, remains the best installment in the series. And it is that, from its brilliant prologue, ‘Ice Age. The ice age’ managed to catch you with no option to replicate, becoming a family entertainment full of action, fun, tenderness and characters that you would like to take home. An adventure film that justly swept box offices around the world and that, despite the burden of some of its (horrible) sequels, continues to work excellently. Not a hint of rust on this ice.

IceAge. The ice age in eCartelera

A defeat in the statuettes that, however, did not seem to affect at all a saga that continued the streak of commercial triumphs, not so critical, with a set of sequels of (very) uneven artistic result. A total of five films released to date on the big screen to which, of course, multiple short films and television series have been added in search of the definitive explosion of the goose that lays the golden eggs.

However, despite the fact that the saga is tired, it is best to keep the good memories and great moments that this set of endearing characters have given us over the years, becoming a kind of classic within the gender. The animated cinema of the 21st century, despite the contradiction, is a much warmer place thanks to this ice age.

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