“Man, I’m happy for you. I wish I had found out about this some other way than on Twitter. I can’t wait to see it, but I am disappointed that Sam Winchester is not part of it in any sense. This is how Jared Padalecki reacted when he found out through the media that his partner in ‘Supernatural’, ‘Jensen Ackles’, is preparing a prequel to the successful series.

“I always felt that my character, Dean, he would have liked to know more about his parents’ relationship and how it was developed. So I love the idea of ​​him taking us on this journey.”assured Ackles when announcing ‘The Winchesters’, a series in which he will play narrator and executive producer. After this, both actors clarified that there was no drama between them. “Jensen Ackles and I have had a long talk, as we usually do, and things are fine. The potholes don’t stop us. Once brothers, brothers foreversaid Padalecki.

now ackles explains the reason why he decided to keep the aforementioned project secret, assuring that he felt terrible for having bothered Padalecki. The statements come to us from the ‘Inside of You’ podcast (via People) in which the actor who played Dean has revealed that he is “extremely superstitious”. “It’s an unwritten rule that you just don’t talk about projects until the deal is done and the ink has dried. Also, this was my first foray into production and as a content creator, so I didn’t want to jinx him for anything in the world. that’s why i kept quiet. Only the people who had to know knew.”.

First steps

Ackles has also taken the opportunity to reveal where they are with ‘The Winchesters’, ensuring you just received the script so when it was announced, the series was still in its early stages of development. He also remembers that at the time the news was made public, he was working on a shoot that did not allow him to be on the phone, when he reconnected with the world, he was met with the flood of congratulatory messages, “and then everything went to hell”. Luckily the quarrel has been left behind and was settled on Twitter with a message in which he assured that, although he is busy, he misses his friend.

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As for ‘The Winchesters’, we know that it will revolve around John and Mary, parents of the beloved supernatural siblings who live an epic love story while facing the forces of evil. The scripts for the prequel have been written on this concept, with Robbie Thompson, co-executive producer of ‘Supernatural’, as producer and screenwriter.


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