Singer, actress, director? The latest star born from the confines of the Hollywood industry has been making his way as one of the great promises of the future, since that brilliant start with Bradley Cooper, with whom he won the Oscar for Best Song (the memorable ‘Shallow’), and even before, with his participation in ‘American Horror Story’. Today, the Lady who has been Patricia Reggiani in ‘The House of Gucci’ (her most “Gaga” role) has stated that I would also be interested in directing a movie.

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    In an interview with Deadline, the actress has said that she would like to direct her own film, although not in any way: “I am interested in that, yes, but it is something I would like to practice to become subtle and agile”, He said. He added: “And I would never want to say that I might be good at something I haven’t studied enough.” Lady Gaga has already directed some of her best music videos, polished and vibrantly styled pieces (‘GUY, ‘Google Chrome’, ‘Marry the Night’), but insisted she takes filmmaking very seriously and would only consider directing one. film after exhaustively studying the craft.

    Comment: “I’ve done short films for my own music videos and I love and appreciate them. But they are eternally mine and they are within my very life and the ecstasy of my existence,” he said. “To tell a story, I think, requires an authenticity and a knowledge of cinema that I would very much like to learn, in the same way that I have studied interpretation”.

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    At the moment, Lady Gaga knows that her terrain is in front of the camera, and in the interview with Deadline she continues talking about other fields that are still out of her reach: “I would compare this to people asking me years ago if I would be a fashion designer, because I was so into fashion.”, He said. “And I remember saying, ‘What fashion designers do is not what I do, even though I love fashion. I mean, I’m not a film director, but I could be. I would have to dedicate a significant part of my life to that, if not all my life, in the way that a passionate artist does.”

    So far, Gaga has made a name for herself in the Academy for her close involvement in methodically interpreting her characters. With ‘The House of Gucci’, for example, he declared: “I had some ‘psychological difficulties’ towards the end of filming. I was either in my hotel room, living and talking like Reggiani, or was on set, living and talking like her”. He took “method acting” (“to live” as his character) to such an extreme that he recalls: “One day I went out in Italy with a hat for a walk. I hadn’t given one in two months and I panicked. I thought I was on a movie set.”

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    What kind of filmmaker would Lady Gaga be? Handmade and informal, or passionate and extreme? Time will tell, perhaps.

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