Do you remember the years in which ‘Gambit’ did not stop making headlines? It was the dream project of Channing Tatum, who wanted to bring to the big screen a movie with this mutant of the X-Men alone. The ‘Magic Mike’ actor was going to star in it and even wanted to co-direct it with fellow producer Reid Carolin. He now he has told Variety how far the development went and how much it hurt him that it didn’t finally come out ahead.

After highly searching Tatum, Twentieth Century Fox launched the project in 2016. The script was signed by Tatum and Carolin, and they wanted to make an R-rated version reminiscent of the tone of ‘Deadpool’. According to the authors, it mixed the superhero genre with the romantic comedy. “The thesis was that the only thing more difficult than saving the world was making a relationship work”said Tatum.

But from the beginning there was a difference of vision between the creators and the studio, according to the actor: “They called it ‘extravagant’ in their description. I wouldn’t say…she was just the coolest person. He could do anything. In most superheroes, his suits are practical. Batman has the belt on him. Gambit was more: ‘Nah, this shit is cool, man! This shit was on the catwalk in Paris last year. He just wears the suit which is so cool because he loves fashion.”.

Another area where they clashed with Fox was their desire to direct it themselves. “The studio was totally against us directing it. They wanted anyone but us, basically, because we had never directed anything.”Tatum explained. Now they are about to release ‘Dog’, a film in which they make their debut as directors.

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The project went so far that they had closed a cast, opened a production office and were preparing to shoot in New Orleans. But the purchase of Fox by Disney made ‘Gambit’ one of the productions that was thrown in the trash. “Disney had just landed the ‘X-Men’ with Fox. I think they needed to redesign the ‘X-Men’ from scratch”Caroline explains.

Channing Tatum can’t watch Marvel movies

“When ‘Gambit’ faded away I was very traumatized. I turned off my Marvel machine. I haven’t been able to watch any of the movies. I loved that character. It was all too sad. It was like losing a friend because he was more than ready to play it.”Tatum has confessed.

But obviously they are willing to pick up the movie at any time. “I wish they would reconsider, because it’s a pretty cool project. Maybe some day”says Carolin, while Tatum says: “Uh, sure, I would love to play Gambit. I don’t think we should run it ourselves. I think we were being arrogant there.”.

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