A leaked image of Tom Cruise on the set of Doctor Strange 2 sets off all alarms. Are we in front of the “new” Iron Man?

It has been one of the most widespread rumors for months. The presence of Tom Cruise in the distribution of Doc Strange 2 was not even confirmed and, despite this, everyone has assumed that it will be in the movie of Marvel Studios. But what is true in all this? And, most important of all, what does this have to do with the character of Hombre de Hierrowhom we fired in Avengers: Endgame?

as you know, Doc Strange 2 going to expand the concept of “Multiverse” that was already dropped in WandaVision and definitely exploded in Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, the new installment of the Sorcerer Supreme will completely define the multiversal concept of Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few weeks ago, up to 50 character spoilers were leaked, so the film risks being a festival of cameos to the delight of viewers.

I would give life to a Tony Stark from another alternate universe

One of those rumored cameos is that of Tom Cruise as Iron Man. It was just a rumor before, and despite what we’re going to share next, it still is for us. Apparently, according to MCU Sourcethey have hunted the actor from Mission Impossible on the set of Doc Strange 2. The image does not reveal who the character is, but that CGI on the arm and its relationship with a Tony Stark from another alternative universe, they predict that he would give life to this superhero.

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What do you think!

What do you think? Doc Strange 2 It will be released on May 6. We know that Scarlet Witch will co-star in the story and that other great Marvel characters will also appear. However, we will have to wait until opening day to find out about Tom Cruise and Iron Man. Of course, the cameo would be amazing to see.


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