Surprisingly, Eminem was going to star in Mad Max: Fury Road ahead of Tom Hardy. But he had a “little thing” and it didn’t end up being done.

Although it is a little far already in time, Mad Max: Fury Road it earned the right to be regarded as one of the best films of the past decade. The film of George Miller It was a waste of adrenaline with a portentous image and a capital quality. Logically, it became a commercial success that was also praised by critics. The choice of Tom Hardy it was liked by everyone, although it was not the first choice. In fact, the role of Max Rockatansky was going to fall on the rapper Eminem. However, things did not end up going well.

We have known this information from the book entitled Blood, Sweat & Chrome (via vulture). Among the actors who “competed” for the leading role of Mad Max: Fury Road They were Michael Fassbender and the deceased Heather Ledger, since the project dates back to a lot of years ago. As for Eminem, George Miller was fascinated with the rapper after seeing the movie. 8 miles. He also received a recommendation from Brittany Murphy. According to storyboard artist Mark Sextoneven came to create images with the figure of the rapper.

The rapper was not willing to leave his home at that time

Unfortunately, one small detail ultimately prevented Eminem from taking center stage. Mad Max: Fury Road. «We got in touch with him, though that was it.George Miller explained, remembering those days. «We were going to shoot in Australia at that time and he simply did not want to move from home. I had the impression that if we had told him to shoot in his own state, he would have accepted the offer.«.

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Being close to home seemed like a priority for Eminem at the time. Considering that he was getting back into his professional career and raising his daughters, it makes sense for him to pick him. His position was the most sensible, although after what happened with the controversies and subsequent controversies of the rapper… It seems that Mad Max: Fury Road He ended up “dodging a bullet.” In Sexton’s words: “I’m glad the Eminem thing didn’t happen. Considering the feminist story behind the film, he could have received a lot of criticism if he had starred in it.«.

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