• Review of ‘The world is yours’
  • The film will hit theaters on March 18.

    ‘The world is yours’ is the fifth film by Alfonso Sanchez as a director after having made ‘The world is ours’ and ‘The world is yours’ and the titles released in 2020 of ‘For all death’ and ‘Superagent Makey’. After the commercial success of ‘The world is yours’, it is time to produce its sequel.

    The project contains a much more critical script that uses the resource of comedy to uncover the miseries of contemporary society, the backside of a disintegrating political and social present. Through classic resources of Spanish culture, the project aims to be a fresco of the current moment.

    The feature film is based on some characters that became known in ‘The world is yours’. Its story focused on the life of the protagonists, the compadres Rafi and Fali (Alberto López), and their wanderings through the city of Seville. With this new film, the style of comedy is revitalized with current affairs as a backdrop, from a production capable of attracting very diverse audiences. This is the main potential of the project: The union of classic resources derived from comedy, and the most radical novelty.

    With this second part, the creators want to offer a new proposal with which we can laugh at the current moral and economic crisis. It is much more in line with what Sánchez has wanted to maintain with his films: make criticism from the comedy. The director usually mentions Luis Garcia Berlanga as one of his referents of the seventh art, and that is why he defines this story, with the greatest respect, as an updated ‘National Shotgun’. These types of plots in which he manages to make us laugh at ourselves and reflect on his characters and situations. ‘The world is yours’ is a point of view of what we are as a society, with our lights and our shadows. It is a project written and designed to be a great commercial success, with a current theme, expected by a legion of fans..

    ‘The world is yours’

    What does this new story tell? The Marquesa de las Marismillas is going to celebrate a hunt for her birthday in her land, located on the Castilian plateau. Rafi arrives there to try to sell his great Eurofair project, a permanent leisure center that will become a world-renowned theme park. There he will meet his ex-compadre Fali, who has changed: it seems that they have brainwashed him in a detoxification clinic to “decompadrize” him. He will have to convince him to use his contacts, trick politicians and businessmen. When the party is attacked by a radical group, Los Compadres will be the last resistance to save Spain and, incidentally, the world.

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    In addition to Sánchez and López, the film includes carmen canivell, Alfonso Valenzuela, Carlos Olala, Teresa Arboli, Theresa Refojo, Joseph Chavez, Mari Paz Sayago Y Chacha Huang among others.

    the world is yours movie 2022

    ‘The world is yours’

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