Jean Claude Van Damme, the muscles of Brussels, prepares its retirement. At 61, the Belgian seems ready to leave action movies but, luckily for everyone, he will do so with one last epic collection of fights.

    “I wanted to leave acting but with a review of my career, starting with ‘Bloody Contact’, the one in which I started to be famous,” Van Damme tells dead line about your new project. “I want this to be a new ‘Blood Contact’ but on a higher level. In the movie I’m in the doldrums career-wise and coming out of another action movie premiere I’m not happy because I’ve been living in hotels for the last 30 years, which is really true. We are going to tell real elements of my real life and what happened to me. I came from Belgium to Hollywood, I succeeded, I failed, I came back. So I go out on the street after the premiere and, boom! A car hits me because I’m drunk. When I wake up from the impact, I don’t know my name, and no one recognizes me.”

    What’s My Name?‘, which is what the film will be called, is directed by jeremy zagproduced by Tyler Thompsonof Cross Creek, along with Asko Akopian, Zag and Van Damme. The title will bring the fighting icon together in combat against some of his former rivals on the screen.

    “We are going to have all the emblematic people that I have fought with, most of them,” he says. “All the fighters in the UFC grew up watching my movies and we will have some of those great champions as fighters, and others as trainers, like Randy Couture. We will have a great mix and the fights will be very realistic.”

    “It’s going to be a ride that includes a lot of fighting, a mainstream live-action movie where we treat JC like a real human superhero,” says the filmmaker.

    Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg He has been playing metafiction for a few years now with great results. With the magnificentJCVD‘ (Mabrouk El Mechri, 2008) as a start, and ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson‘ (Peter Atencio, 2016) receiving applause on Prime Video, it seems like the right way to shelve a spectacular career, for better and for worse.

    “I’m canceling everything to get in shape and after this movie I’ve bought a little boat. Not a big boat, that’s not for me”, he says “I want to go around the world and relax. I have worked all my life, I have lived in hotels for 30 years. All of that will be explained in the film, and how I became estranged from my family. After this, I want to relax and enjoy my life and my family because life goes by fast.”

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