Actor Kit Harington, who made his Marvel Studios debut in The Eternals, wants to return as Dane Whitman/Black Knight.

The team of The Eternals was made up of 10 incredible characters, but the movie of Marvel Studios also added to dane whitman from Kit Harington. He plays a human whose family has a spectacular legend and in the scene post-credits they give him a sword that will turn him into the black knighta mighty comic book hero.

So, all the fans are waiting for his return, but it seems that the actor doesn’t know when that will happen and is waiting for a call from Marvel Studios. This was revealed in a recent interview:

“No, not that I know of. Sounds like a very political response. It’s exciting for me. The last movie, like any I’ve seen, establishes an idea that it could go further, so I hope. But I think every time you answer questions about this stuff, people point at you and say “liar” like you know more than other people, I have no idea. I really don’t. I’m expecting a call sometime.”

When could I come back?

In Marvel Studios have plans for The Eternals 2, but it will probably be a more cosmic fight than on Earth. So the character of dane whitman from Kit Haringtondespite starting a relationship with Sersi from Gemma Chan, will surely be in other installments. The most obvious is Bladebecause the mysterious voice heard in his post-credits scene is precisely that of the half-vampire played by Mahershala Ali. Nor should it be ruled out that he has his own film and tell us the arthurian legendswhich would surely bring something new to the franchise.

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Did you like Kit Harington’s performance as Dane Whitman? The movie of The Eternals and the whole saga Marvel Studios can currently be enjoyed at the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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