Warner Bros. Pictures shares a brutal scene from The Batman, allowing us to see the full potential of Robert Pattinson as a superhero.

What a past clip! The study Warner Bros. Pictures has shared on social networks a scene or complete sequence of batmanthe movie of Robert Pattinson What Dark Knight which premieres on March 4. The scene or sequence reveals all the narrative potential, the noir tone and the incredible mastery of the environments and characters within the film of DC Comics.

As you will see below, it is a scene or sequence of batman in which we see Bat Man talking with Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) at Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). They must be in league for what happens at the end to happen, logically. But what a show, look!

What do you think? Quite a statement of intent, right?

The relationship between the superhero and the police officer is going to be key in this “Year Two” of Bruce Wayne as a vigilante

We have been told actively and passively that batman is going to focus on a so-called “Year Two” of BruceWayne as a vigilante. I mean, the superhero is still settling in the city, he’s building his own brand and forging bonds. In that sense, it is understandable that the relationship with Jim Gordon is going to be considerably special, given the relationship of both trades.

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As in the comics, the Gotham bat and the city police commissioner will work closely together to combat the crime of Gotham City. A relationship that will be printed and justified in batman, as the scene shows. Although “what happens happens”, the scene conveys the great respect and great trust they have for each other, in the sense of being one even in the worst possible circumstances, and even having the rest of the police department against them. .


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