It only took one movie to convert to Cybill Shepherd in a star The actress, model and singer shone in the New Hollywood of the 70s along with Peter Bogdanovich, Elaine May and Martin Scorsese, and eventually earned his place on American television for the next two decades. Even so, her career was also marked by anthological enmities on the set of filming, abuse, love breakups and an illness that almost left her on the verge of death. At 72, he continues to carry his legacy on the big and small screen with pride..

    After several years working as a teenage model for different fashion brands and magazines, Shepherd received a call that would change his life. It was the filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich, who had seen her on the cover of a magazine and thought she would be perfect for one of the roles in her new movie. “I was only 19 years old and had never acted before”remembered In an interview. “I showed up to the meeting at The Essex House in New York City in ripped jeans and [Bogdanovich] He said there was something about the way he ate strawberries that convinced him he could act.”he added.

    Of course, the two hit it off on that first meeting and she was chosen to play Jacy Farrow in ‘The last movie‘, the third corner of a love triangle with Jeff Bridges and Timothy Bottoms. Adaptation of the novel Larry McMurtrythe film created a black and white portrait of Texas in the 1950s and was a success with audiences and critics, earning eight Oscar nominations (two of which went to supporting actors ben johnson and Chloris Leachman). In addition, it launched the careers of Bogdanovich and Shepherd, who began a love relationship during filming (behind the back, or rather in front of the director’s wife, Polly Platt, who also worked on the film) that they would keep for seven years. In that space of time, they rolled together too’a rebellious lady‘and the musical’finally the great love‘.

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    The 1970s were Shepherd’s best in the movies, both for his work with Bogdanovich and for movies like ‘The Heartbreaker’ by Elaine Maywhere she especially exploited her stunning beauty as a model, and the iconic Martin Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver’where she played Betsy, the woman with whom the protagonist (played by robert deniro). In those years, in addition, she also explored her career as a singer, the other great passion of the actress. He published an album and even studied to be an opera singer, a discipline he took up again later in his life. “I’m not trying to go out and impress the critics or anything like that, I just want to spend a night with my lifelong fans… It’s an opportunity for us to be together and for me to thank you for your support over the years.” , explained on Ventura Blvd a few years ago.

    Beyond those brilliant years of New Hollywood, Cybill Shepherd starred alongside Bruce Willis in the hit series ‘Moonlighting’, broadcast on ABC from 1985, where they play a couple of private investigators where she is the boss and where the real mystery is whether the two will fall in love or not. Although many appreciated the sexual tension between the two on screen, the truth is that behind the scenes you couldn’t even see. Theirs is one of those notorious enmities of American industry, in which, apparently, the smoke that Willis brought to the set after becoming a world star with ‘Jungla de cristal’ and Shepherd’s also diva airs suffered a terrible clash, admitted by themselves decades later. In fact, the actress participated in 2018 in the Comedy Central Roast focused on Willis, and he was at ease: “Our characters in ‘Moonlight’ weren’t too far off the mark: I played an ex-model, something that I was, and he played an asshole, something that is…”.

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    With successes in both film and television, Shepherd entered the ’90s with certain obstacles. The actress managed to get ahead his own series, titled ‘Cybill’which converted to Christine Baransky at one star, it won three Emmys, and yet it ended abruptly after four years, in 1998. There was even a cliffhanger in the final season that went unresolved. The reason why it was the daily bread in the industry at that time: according to the actress herself, the powerful executive producer of CBS, The Moonves (Which in the #MeToo era was accused by six women of sexual abuse and for twelve others of inappropriate behavior), he wanted to sleep with her, but she rejected him and the series suffered the consequences. “The series would have lasted another five years”he assured in an interview with USAToday, revealing Moonves’ harassment. “He tells me his wife doesn’t turn him on, and I watch him drink alcohol, and then he says, ‘Why don’t you let me take you home?’ And I said, ‘No, I have a good friend outside who is a police officer waiting for me. Thus ended the appointment and, also, his last great success on television.

    With the entrance of the new century, Cybill Shepherd published her memoirs under a revealing title: ‘Cybill Disobedience: How I Survived Beauty Pageants, Elvis, Sex, Bruce Willis, Lies, Marriage, Motherhood, Hollywood, and the Irrepressible Urge to Say What I Think’ Elvis, sex, Bruce Willis, lies, marriage, motherhood, Hollywood, and the irrepressible urge to speak my mind). In them she explained many episodes of her life, including some love affairs with Elvis Presley and Don Johnsonand her two failed marriages with the businessman David Ford (with whom she had her daughter Clementine) and with the chiropractor Bruce Oppenheimchiropractor (with whom she had twins).

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    Around the year 2002, at the age of 52, Shepherd was diagnosed with a very harmful skin cancer that put her health in check. Luckily, he was able to overcome the disease and continue with the last stage of his career, consisting mainly of sporadic roles in television series such as ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘The L Word’, as well as in various Broadway productions and low-budget movies. like ‘Listen to your heart’ or ‘The power of the cross’. What’s more, It also highlights her commitment to activism, both in defense of legal abortion and her work for the LGTBIQ+ community.for which in 2019 he received recognition from the association The Trevor Project through the ‘Champion Award’.

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