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Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), the character of Wonder Woman has been played by Gal Gadot, but she has now been briefly replaced.

Attention SPOILERS. The epic final battle of the series Peacemaker from hbo max has the cameo of 4 members of the League of Justice. Since we can see Superman, Aquaman, Flash and wonder-woman, while the protagonist reproaches them for being late. Since they have already finished with the butterflies despite being very badly injured. In that cameo, we can see how Aquaman and Flash are interpreted by Jason Momoa and Ezra Millerlike in the movies DC Comics. While Superman and wonder-woman are not henry cavill neither Gal Gadot and that is why we do not get to see their faces and they are only dark silhouettes.

peacemaker justice league

In fact, wonder-woman is performed by Kimberly Von Illberg and on his social networks he has published his image with the suit he normally wears Gal Gadot.

Next to the image we can read: “I have been wanting to post this photo since last May!! Peacemaker Episode 8 IS FINALLY AVAILABLE! COME ON, WONDER WOMAN, haha. The best concert by far!! I can’t believe I was lucky enough to wear Gal Gadot’s real hair and outfit. What is my life?”

wonder woman gal gadot peacemaker

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Gal Gadot will return to the character.

Even though Kimberly Von Illberg has temporarily replaced Gal Gadot What wonder-woman, does not mean that it will replace it. Since the director Patty Jenkins will make the third installment of this superheroine of DC Comics and obviously it will have Gal Gadot as the absolute protagonist.

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They have also confirmed that peacemaker It will have a second season, so let’s hope it has cameos as great as the ones we’ve seen in its finale.


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