Little Eleven has grown up for us. Millie Bobby Brown turned 18 on February 19. When we met her on ‘Stranger Things’ she was only 12 years old. Before premiering the fourth season of the Netflix series, the actress celebrated her big day in the company of her boyfriend, Jake Bongioviwith a totally unexpected change of look.

Brown herself has posted it on her Instagram account. The birthday girl wore long blonde hair and a goddess dress, as she herself describes it in her comments. She poses next to Bongiovi and tells him “Hey Ken!”to which he responds from his personal account “Happy Birthday Barbie, I love you”. The couple made their relationship official in July of last year. Bongiovi is 19 years old and He is the son of Jon Bon Jovi..

When is ‘Stranger Things’ coming back?

On May 27, the first episodes of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ will be released on Netflix, which will be released in two parts. The second will do it on July 1. The last time we returned to Hawkins was in 2019, but a longer season and the coronavirus crisis have made it difficult for the Duffer brothers to finish filming and post-production earlier. When we meet the protagonists again, we will see them separated and facing a new supernatural threat.

In addition to the release dates of the two volumes, Netflix announced that the fifth season of ‘Stranger Things’ will be the definitive end of the series. Matt and Ross Duffer explained that from the beginning they had planned to tell the entire story of Eleven and the Upside Down in four or five seasons. Of the latter they have not yet revealed when we will see it.

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