'the snow girl' on set filming in malaga

After the publishing success of ‘The snow girl’Netflix is ​​already preparing what is one of the most anticipated series of 2022. The adaptation of Javier Castillo’s novel has already begun recording with a cast led by Milena Smith (Parallel mothers, Thou shalt not kill), Joseph Coronado (The innocent, The body), Aixa Villagran (Perfect life, crazy about her), Tristan Ulloa (fariña, modesty), Loreto Mauleon (Homeland, kisses in the air), Julian Villagran (Alien), Raul Prieto (Riot gear) and Cecilia Freire (Velvet), among others.

We have spoken with the protagonist, who has already started filming the fiction, which will take place over the next few weeks between Malaga and Madrid. “I have had time to be able to prepare what I wanted to do before starting. We’ve had quite a few rehearsals, so I’m approaching it from a nice place.” Milena advances us.

Regarding the book, the actress assures: “I did not want to soak up the character of the novel because there are some changes in the script of the series”. Plus, he understands the burden of responsibility that comes with bringing such an iconic role to life for readers. “I know the admiration that many people have for the character and I am going to do it with the utmost respect for everyone who loves Miren. I hope you like what I can offer you.” concludes.

Milena Smit, during the filming of ‘The Snow Girl’ in Malaga

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The series, a thriller that will consist of six chapters and will be shot in Malaga and Madrid over the next few weeks, has some changes with respect to the original story, as Milena explains. Set in 2010 in Malaga during the parade of the Three Wise Men (the original started at the Thanksgiving parade in New York in 1998), the story begins when Amaya, the daughter of the Martín family, disappears into the crowd in one of the the most beautiful days for any child. Miren (Milena Smit), a trainee journalist, begins an investigation parallel to that of Inspector Millán (Aixa Villagrán) that will awaken aspects of her past that she would have liked to forget. With the help of his journalist colleague Eduardo (Jose Coronado), Miren will not stop until he finds the girl, following clues such as strands of hair that appear next to the clothes the little girl was wearing or a VHS tape that the family receives five years later. and in which Amaya appears playing in an unknown and apparently quiet room. Where is Amaya Martin? Who has kidnapped her? Why now do they insist on contacting her parents?

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Based on the best seller by Javier Castillo, published by Penguin Random House Editorial Group and with more than one million copies sold in Spain,The Snow Girl’ is adapted for the screen by Jesús Mesas and Javier Andrés Roig (Debts, I’m alive) and directed by David Ulloa (The hunt. Monteperdido) and Laura Alvea (souls).

‘The Snow Girl’ is not the only adaptation of the author’s work that is underway. Globomedia and DeAPlaneta are also working on a series that will bring two of their most popular titles to the small screen: ‘The day sanity was lost’ and ‘The day love was lost’.

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