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Direction: Laura Wandel Distribution: Maya Vanderbeque, Günter Duret, Karim Leklou, Laura Verlinden, Léna Girard Voss, Thao Maerten Original title: a world Country: Belgium Year: 2021 Release date: 02-25-2022 Gender: Drama Script: Laura Wandel Photography: Frederic Noirhomme Synopsis: Nora enters primary school and shortly after discovers the bullying suffered by her older brother, Abel. Nora is torn between the need to fit in and her brother, who asks her to keep quiet.

The best: its two protagonists… and the final shot.

The worst: the archetypal character of the teacher.

In her novel ‘The survivors’, Jimina Sabadú showed the school as an atrocious ecosystem where the victims had no choice but to learn to behave like predators. Spying between the desks of a similar environment, Laura Wandel agrees in an almost entomological look at a system built on the sediment of the innocents. yours is a tour of the trenches of pain, through a camera that follows its guide almost at ground levellived by the virtuosity of the sequence shots.

We shudder here as with the children in the warlike odysseys of Rossellini, Tarkovski or the Clément of ‘Forbidden Games’ (1952). And, despite his refined formal expertise, we are not dealing with a mere exercise in style; Nor is this a nihilistic portrait. ‘A small world (Playground)’, with its decisive coda of hope, becomes the chronicle of a very early nonconformity and an emerging faith in solidarity as the only path to avoid running aground in the banality of evil. Those who were there and resisted will understand it.

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