'Spider-Man: No Way Home'

Shooting a big budget movie in the middle of a pandemic and with so many digital touch-ups, as is the case with ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, was not an easy task. So much so that, oddly enough, the film continued in post-production even weeks after its theatrical release.

This is how he explains it comic book Scott Edelstein, special effects supervisor at Digital Domain, assuring that his team continued to work on the proposal after a month since its launch: I think we were still doing shots in the middle of Januarymore or less, when the film had been released in December”.

And this situation did not occur for lack of effort. According to his account, the company got down to work 10 months before the landing of ‘No Way Home’ in theaters, but the demand for the third installment of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker required an unfathomable level of demand given the circumstances: We’re always pushing the limits, especially in Marvel movies.. I think we started getting involved around February, we started developing these kinds of things in March, at which point we were building the assets, figuring out Sandman, and starting to build the hybrid environment. So we’re talking about quite some time before the movie is released.”

“I think we delivered the final shots in the second week of December or around that date. I mean, very, very close. (…) Actually, we take that material and continue with it until we finish it. Sometimes, even after the film has been distributed to North American audiences, they will want to add shots or do extra shots for the video release or behind the scenes and such.Edelstein concludes.

Oscar Nominated

Despite all the chaos, every effort has its reward and ‘No Way Home’ has earned an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects Thank you for your end result. In addition, all additional sequences that Edelstein talks about can be seen in the Digital, 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD editions, which will be available between March and April.

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