John Cena in 'The Peacemaker'

Nobody is perfect. Even the most beloved people make mistakes from time to time, and if not, tell John Cena, who has been involved in a controversy these days after publishing a tweet about the Russia-Ukraine war that many have found inappropriate and in bad taste.

The former wrestler and actor, star of the DC series ‘The Peacemaker’, television spin-off of ‘The Suicide Squad’, took to Twitter after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to leave the following message to your followers.

“If I could somehow summon the powers of a #Peacemaker [Pacificador] from real life, I think this would be a great time to do it.”.

Although we do not doubt the actor’s good intentions, the tweet has been heavily criticized on the social network for its insensitivity. Many have criticized Cena for the fact that he used the ‘Peacemaker’ hashtag, accusing him of taking advantage of the crisis to opportunistically promote his series and asking him to delete it. Let’s remember that his character in ‘The Peacemaker’ is a villain turned antihero whose oath is “achieve peace at all costs, no matter how many people you have to kill to get it”hence the message has been branded as unwise.

“This is in bad taste. Also, your character is not the good one”.

“I’m just saying there’s never the right time to say this, least of all now.”.

“A little insensitive, John Cena. Please delete it. From a conversation I’m having: Families are blowing up in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Cena: “I AM AN ACTOR FROM A SUPERHERO SERIES, IF MY CHARACTER WAS REAL I WOULD STOP IT “.

“John, I love you, but this is NOT the best time to promote ‘The Peacemaker,’ man…”.

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At the time of this writing, the tweet is still published on his profile and Cena has not commented on it. Although the actor has received a lot of criticism, there are also those who support him and see in the publication a sincere message that should not be overanalyzed.

It is not his first controversy

Although Cena is a popular actor and is usually very well liked, it is not the first time that he has been criticized for his actions on the Internet. Last May, during the promotion of ‘Fast & Furious 9’, referred to Taiwan as a country, drawing the ire of his Chinese fans.

In the face of criticism, Cena posted a video in mandarin (language he learned during his years as a wrestler) apologizing to China: “I made a mistake. I have to say something very, very, very important. I love and respect China and the Chinese people. I am very sorry for my mistake. I apologize, I am very sorry. You have to understand that I really love and respect China and the Chinese people. Chinese people. My apologies.”he told his fans.

Regardless of the controversies, Cena enjoys success with ‘The Peacemaker’, a great surprise for HBO Max, which has already It has been renewed for a second season..

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